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Stuart Baggs

Stuart Baggs

The Apprentice's youngest ever candidate used to sell yo-yos in his playground

Age: 21
Career: Telecoms Entrepreneur
Hometown: Isle of Man

A lover of fast cars and technology

Episode 11: Stuart blags ...

Entering an interview room and addressing Margaret Mountford by her first name was not a great start for Stuart. He also failed to impress her with his idea for planting silicon chips in pets and his clichéd expressions – such as offering to work 24/7 and give 110%.

Claude Littner dismissed Stuart's claims to be 'a brand' and informed him that he is not a big fish in a small pond – and that he is not even a fish at all! The claim on Stuart's CV that he is a fully licensed telecoms operator on the Isle Of Man was revealed to be false by Bordan Tkachuk. After plenty of discussion, Stuart conceded that he only had an ISP license for broadband internet. He later joked that he felt like he had experienced "10 rounds with Mike Tyson".

The interviewers told Lord Sugar that Stuart stood out from the others on the basis that he was very smart on the technological front. However, his attempts to blag his way out of the license debate were frowned upon. Lord Sugar was unimpressed with what he heard and expressed regret that he fired Liz ahead of Stuart after the previous task. He strongly conveyed these feelings to Stuart and promptly fired him.

Episode Ten: Tout, tout, let it all out …

As Apollo's Project Manager for the London Tours task, Stuart plumped for Stella's Cockney Tour idea – but stated that she would therefore be responsible if the team loses. He subsequently deployed the same Cockney tones that he used to represent influenza in the Advertising task while roaming the streets trying to sell tickets.

Along with Liz, Stuart pitched unsuccessfully to the London Visitor Centre and later tried to tout for business outside their store before being warned away. He also made repeated attempts to lure potential customers away from Synergy's tour. This led to a verbal altercation with Chris in Trafalgar Square.

In the boardroom it was revealed that Apollo lost the task, with Karren Brady criticising Stuart for not having a pricing strategy. However, he made a successful plea to Lord Sugar and survived a firing having insisted that he is not a one trick pony, nor a ten trick pony – but a field of ponies instead.

Stuart was Project Manager on the losing team Apollo. Their total profit was £834.30.

Episode Nine: Feeling blue ...

Stuart hooked up with Chris to locate the items in the Discount Buying task, but discovered the Blue Book to be rather elusive. Incorrectly believing it to be an American periodical, the pair devoted much of their time to scouring London bookshops in search of the erroneous item. Stuart soon learnt that the Blue Book in question is a publication designed to assist cab drivers find their way around London.

The quest for tartan saw Stuart roaming Regent Street alongside Chris, with the pair later breaking into a sprint to track down the white truffles. It didn't help that they were initially drawn to a vendor of chocolate truffles. They just made it back to the boardroom in time, with five of the ten items in their possession. Their bargaining tactics were enough to secure victory.

Stuart was on the winning team Synergy. Their total expenditure, including fines, was £1020.50.

Episode Eight: Wunderbar ...

Stuart ruled himself out of the Project Manager role straight away and successfully proposed Stella. At the initial team meeting, he put forward the idea of manufacturing crisps with traditional British flavours. After flying to Hamburg with Joanna and conducting some market research in a supermarket, he came to the conclusion that curry sauce, paprika and sausage were the key ingredients.

Dubbing himself 'Herr Baggs', he deployed his German language skills to arrange a series of meetings with local businesses. But his advice to Laura about not speaking too quickly was not taken on board.

Stella's decision to take the duo's meeting with the Hyatt Hotel was accepted by Stuart, who felt it was simply a business decision and tried to communicate this to a despondent Laura.

Stuart was on the winning team Apollo. They secured total orders worth €19,327.

Episode Seven: Racing to victory ...

The telecommunications entrepreneur took on the Project Manager role for the DVD task. He initially rejected Joanna's idea to target children with the blue screen experience, but relented after driving a motorcar around Brands Hatch filming a backdrop. Nick Hewer commented: "Stuart's leadership style leaves me trembling with irritation."

At the Westfield Shopping Centre, Stuart joined Stella in the back room to process the DVDs. His specific duty was quality control, but one DVD featured a rogue child on the end of another child's clip – which prompted a discount to an unhappy customer. Stuart also opted to raise the price of the DVDs by £5 to £15 following early brisk sales.

Despite being criticised by his team in the boardroom for his management of the task, Stuart led his team to victory.

Stuart was Project Manager on the winning team Apollo. Their total profit was £262.50.

Episode Six: Finding his voice ...

The self-professed 'Brand' put himself forward as Apollo's Project Manager in the advertising task, but Alex was chosen ahead of him. This failed to dent his creative edge, as he soon coined the immortal line 'Hasta la vista – gravy!' for the Germ-o-nator product's commercial.

Stuart's next moment of inspiration came in the recording studio. As Laura looked on, he impersonated a variety of germs for the commercial's voiceover, including a Cockney vocalisation of influenza. Although the task was lost, Stuart was not chosen to return to the boardroom by Alex. He later told the other candidates that he would eat an item of everyone's clothing if Alex wasn't fired.

Stuart was on the losing team Apollo. Lord Sugar deemed their campaign to be inferior to Synergy's.

Episode Five: The hooded suit …

Moved by Lord Sugar to Apollo, Stuart 'The Brand' Baggs kept a low profile among his new colleagues. He did manage to prophetically warn Alex that Paloma was setting him up for the fall if they lost the task, by pinpointing his errors without seeking to correct them. It's also worth noting that Stuart 'took one for the team' by wearing a hooded suit jacket while on sales duty in the boutique.

Stuart was on the losing team Apollo. Their total sales were £3223.43.

Episode Four: Lip service ...

Stuart was a vociferous presence during the meetings with the product inventors, encouraging the acquisition of the energy-saving shower but questioning the wholesale pricing of the Baby Glow. Stella slammed his "embarrassing" behaviour on the latter encounter, with the inventor ultimately siding with the opposing team Apollo.

More awkwardness followed at a meeting with a Leamington Spa wholesaler. Stuart had major problems setting up the demonstration model of the showerhead. He even wrapped his mouth round the product in a bid to improve the water flow. This 'Jaws' like manoeuvre failed to impress the potential clients or add to the paltry £897 tally accumulated by his sub team with Melissa and Stella.

In the boardroom, Stuart reacted to news of the task loss by proclaiming that his skills were not adequately deployed. Jamie brought him back to face Lord Sugar, but he was spared a firing – albeit with another warning to think before speaking in the future.

Stuart was on the losing team Synergy. Their total sales were £76,518.80.

Episode Three: Impressing Nick Hewer ...

Stuart was unimpressed with Synergy's Project Manager Melissa for relegating him to the factory for the baking task, rather than being involved in the pitching process. However, he later found success on the team's market stall in Kingston-upon-Thames.

Lord Sugar's aide Nick Hewer singled him out for praise as a result of his management of the stall and reining in his over-exuberant selling tactics. Luckily, he never uttered the immortal line: "Excuse me Sir, you look like a croissant connoisseur". One can live in hope …

Stuart was on the winning team Synergy. They took £999.37, spent £139.50 and made a £859.87 profit.

Episode Two: A man of extremes …

After his prominence during the sausage task, Stuart heeded Lord Sugar's advice and noticeably scaled back on his exuberant manner and self-promotion. The result was that he barely registered during the beach accessory task. His defining moment was passively looking on while Jamie explained Synergy’s product to the designers. He was about as invisible as the calculator he whipped out in the previous week’s boardroom ...

Stuart was on the winning team Synergy. An order for 100 Cüüli units was placed by one of the three retailers.

Episode One: Stuart narrowly survives ...

"Everything I touch turns to sold" announced the telecoms entrepreneur prior to the sausage task. As part of Dan's team Synergy, Stuart played a pivotal part in the strategy and suggested the "stack them high, sell them cheap" approach.

However, Stuart's sausage sales tactics to pedestrians in Portobello Market brought out the 'wurst' in him according to Jamie, who felt he crossed the line with opening gambits like "Excuse me Sir, you look like a sausage connoisseur".

Dan brought Stuart back to the boardroom after Synergy were declared the losers in the task. Stuart blasted Dan for his "arrogant streak" and narrowly evaded a firing after riling Lord Sugar with his boastful claims of his uniqueness.

Stuart was on the losing team Synergy. They took £593.33, spent £287.43 and made a £305.90 profit.

About Stuart

Born in Plymouth, Stuart is The Apprentice's youngest ever candidate and a keen lover of fast cars and technology. His first venture into business took place in his own school playground when he started selling yo-yos to fellow pupils. He later went on to launch his own telecommunications company at the age of 19. 

A keen adrenalin junkie with hobbies including abseiling, powerboat racing and rock-climbing, Stuart also claims to have "no sense of political correctness".

Check back for weekly updates on Stuart during the series ...

I'm Stuart Baggs 'The Brand' - I've got a certain type of charisma

Stuart Baggs

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