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Stella English

Stella English

Left school with no qualifications, but flourished in a Japanese bank

Age: 30
Career: Head of Business Management
Hometown: London

Inspired by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

The Final: Victorious!

Stella's mission to win The Apprentice had an inauspicious start, as she lost the toin coss with Chris to have first pick of the former candidates returning to assist them. She ended up selecting Joanna, Christopher, Melissa and Paloma for her team, with a mission of creating and pitching an alcoholic product.

A bourbon-based beverage was chosen by Stella, although marketing professionals gave her initial suggestion of 'Blue Bourbon' a big thumbs down. Eventually, she settled for 'Urbon' – a Bourbon aimed at the urban market with honey, spices and orange zest. Christopher and Melissa were dispatched to the laboratory to approve the potent potion.

Stella was warned not to encourage immoderate drinking in her commercial by the industry experts, and then began filming in a bar. Nick Hewer commended her for her leadership of the team during this stage.

However, an almighty squabble soon broke out when Stella delivered the rehearsal pitch she developed with Paloma to her team. Joanna voiced her disapproval of the pitch's structure and became angry with Stella when she looked at Paloma immediately after her comment. Poor Christopher could only look on aghast as the girls returned to their bickering ways.

Stella later delivered her pitch to the assembled audience and stressed how exciting it was to reinvent Bourbon through the 'Urbon' brand. Following questions from the crowd, Stella did her best to clarify that 'Urbon' is suitable for both genders and even those who dwell in the distinctly non-urban realms of the countryside.

In the boardroom, Lord Sugar stated that the drink's taste was less than favourable and that the Project Manager should have been hands on in this area. Stella explained that she delegated the blending to Christopher and Melissa as they are bigger drinkers than herself. Lord Sugar also remarked that some audience members felt that 'Urbon' looked like a vinegar bottle. Her final plea to Lord Sugar sought to highlight her determination and passion.

Following much thought, Lord Sugar hired Stella.

Episode 11: Keeping her cool ...

Stella's ten years in the banking world were raised by interviewer Claude Littner, who suggested that she was too institutionalised to work for Lord Sugar. She fought back without losing her cool, stressing her determination and creative capabilities.

The comments made by Alan Watts left Stella feeling insulted. He put it to her that she was nothing more than a very, very, very good PA. In retaliation, Stella maintained that her sights are set much higher and that she has successfully worked her way up the career ladder so far.

Lord Sugar received feedback in the boardroom that Stella is determined, hard-working and an organised individual who learns from feedback. There were concerns about where she would fit into Lord Sugar's organisation, but she was put through to the final and given another chance to impress.

Episode Ten: Having a knees up ...

Project Manager Stuart chose Stella's passionate suggestion for a Cockney Tour for the task, with the investment banker put in charge of scouting for locations and serving as the tour guide. On board the bus, Stella lead the tourists in a sing-song of 'Knees Up Mother Brown' and also passed on information about the London Eye.

Stella encountered trouble when leading the tourists on foot through the streets of London. She was soon lost and reduced to asking passers-by for help. An effort was made to cheer up the group by showing them some of the more artistic graffiti on the nearby walls, with Stella even suggesting that the work might be by Banksy.

In the boardroom, Stella was spared a firing and praised for the steps she took to shed her 'corporate' image.

Stella was on the losing team Apollo. Their total profit was £834.30.

Episode Nine: The corporate conundrum ...

After making various phone calls, Stella travelled to Southall to pick up a 'tikka' Indian headdress from a jeweller. She subsequently managed to knock a whopping £1 off the £70 price tag for the tartan item, which failed to please Laura – her partner on the road.

Stella tried to contact several high profile chefs during their search for white truffles, causing more friction between the pair. They eventually paid £200 for the delicacy in a Knightsbridge restaurant, with Stella stating that she dines there regularly in a bid to reduce the price. Project Manager Liz was furious that Stella did not receive authorisation from her to pay that specific amount.

Brought back into the boardroom by Liz following the task failure, Stella was blasted by Laura for being too "corporate" while trying to negotiate deals.

Stella was on the losing team Apollo. Their total expenditure, including fines, was £1094.40.

Episode Eight: A crisp victory ...

Stella took on the Project Manager role after being proposed by Stuart. She headed to a crisp-manufacturing plant in Gloucestershire and started work on a variety of English flavoured crisps, but soon received a phone call from Joanna in Hamburg urging her to focus on curry and sausage flavourings. Stella opted to choose Stilton and paprika, and chilli and beef as the two flavours of crisps to sell in Germany.

After flying out to Hamburg, Stella helped Joanna seal an impressive six-month deal for €5040 with the Marriot Hotel. She didn't impress her teammates Laura and Stuart by poaching their meeting with the Hyatt Hotel. Nonetheless, she led her team to victory.

Stella was Project Manager on the winning team Apollo. They secured total orders worth €19,327.

Episode Seven: In a Stu ...

Stella was shifted to Apollo, where she bore the brunt of Stuart's blunt leadership style. She was tasked with figuring out how best to market the motor racing experience to shoppers in the Westfield Shopping Centre, alongside Joanna.

Stuart put the investment banker in charge of making the DVDs, but soon lambasted her for writing down the orders. In the boardroom, Stella stated that she saved the task from disaster through her efforts at the shopping centre.

Stella was on the winning team Apollo. Their total profit was £262.50.

Episode Six: Auditioning a wife ...

Stella formed a sub team with her Project Manager Christopher and Liz to gauge the opinions of a focus group about the cleaning product to market in their advertising task. The trio were keen on the Octopus related idea, so 'Octi-kleen' was born.

During the filmed audition process to find an onscreen wife for Christopher in the commercial, Stella took charge and dished out directions to the contenders. She later helped to coordinate the filming of the commercial alongside Liz, notably helping the 'wife' to put on a rather retro Octopus suit that looked like a monster from a 1960s edition of Doctor Who.

Stella was on the winning team Synergy. Lord Sugar deemed their campaign to be superior to Apollo's.

Episode Five: Shop dummy ...

Just when Stella had recovered from modeling as part of the 'Beach Accessory' task, she was asked by Project Manager Liz to take another embarrassing hit for the team. For the fashion related contest, Stella sat in the window display of the team's boutique – akin to a shop window dummy – and waved at people walking outside the Trafford Centre store.

Stella was on the winning team Synergy. Their total sales were £3760.37.

Episode Four: Unlucky numbers ...

Stella was the first to pick up on Stuart's behaviour during the meeting with the Baby Glow inventor, branding his question "embarrassing". Synergy's inability to land this product proved to be a pivotal part of their failure to win the task. Stella also warned against pitching the twin-handle spade to a department store, which turned out to be prophetic.

A total of 60 eco-friendly showerheads were sold by Stella, but these were discounted because of incorrect pricing. In the boardroom, Lord Sugar and her teammates were unimpressed by her claim that she failed to hear the correct wholesale prices earlier in the day. Equally dismal was the £897 total generated by her sub team.

Stella was on the losing team Synergy. Their total sales were £76,518.80.

Episode Three: From bikini to bakery ...

No longer the only female candidate on Synergy after Lord Sugar's shake up of the teams, Stella kept her head down for the baking task. However, she felt compelled to speak up when Melissa's mobile selling operation in Soho hit the skids, suggesting a change of location.

Nonetheless, the task was won without Stella needing to put on a bikini. She looked far more comfortable in a chef's hat.

Stella was on the winning team Synergy. They took £999.37, spent £139.50 and made a £859.87 profit.

Episode Two: Taking one for the team …

As a result of Raleigh's absence, Lord Sugar dispatched Stella to the boys' team Synergy. "I have no problem whatsoever in whipping these boys into shape," she declared after taking on the role of Project Manager for the travel accessory task. Yet she was soon peeling off her clothes at their request.

The disrobing was for a worthy purpose though, as Stella reluctantly stripped down to a bikini for a photo shoot to promote their Cüüli beach towel product.

Although she upset Chris Bates by criticising his pitching technique, Stella drew widespread praise from her team in the boardroom and led Synergy to victory.

Stella was Project Manager of the winning team Synergy. An order for 100 Cüüli units was placed by one of the three retailers.

Episode One: Taking care of her figures …

Throughout the sausage task, investment banker Stella kept a low profile but played a vital role in team Apollo's success. Along with Liz, she was responsible for calculating the sale prices and profit margins during the sausage making process.

In Leadenhall Market, Stella stayed alongside her Project Manager Joanna on the stall selling sausages to city workers. Nick Hewer later praised her number crunching in the boardroom.

Stella was on the winning team Apollo. They took £860, spent £538.84 and made a profit of £321.16.

About Stella

Mother-of-two Stella identifies "resilience" as her greatest strength. She has managed to carve out a prosperous business career as the only female in the management on the trading floor of a Japanese investment bank - despite leaving school with no qualifications. 

She describes Bill Gates and Steve Jobs as “phenomenal” inspirations and defines herself as “passionate, funny and energetic.” 

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Like a dog with a bone, I can't let go. If I want something, I get it

Stella English

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