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Shibby Robati

Shibby Robati

Believes that knowing his own weaknesses is his greatest strength

Age: 27
Career: Surgeon and Business Owner
Hometown: London

Claims to be a handy impressionist and comedian

Episode Three: A bad operation …

After Lord Sugar moved him to the Apollo team, the surgeon successfully volunteered to be Project Manager. He jokingly threatened to inflict corporal punishment on anyone who stepped out of line, informing teammates that he would "smack your bums if I have to". This type of man management is unlikely to be found in any business manuals.

For his range of goods for the team's Bakers Indulgence company, Shibby plumped for classic breads, muffins and brownies. He dubbed Laura and Paloma 'Shibby's Angels' after their first successful pitch to a hotel, but was soon at loggerheads with the latter. He disagreed with her view that they could provide a restaurant with 400 baguettes, as he didn't feel they could fulfill the order.

It turned out that they weren't even able to supply the hotelier with the 1000 bread rolls they ordered, falling ever so slightly short with a grand total of  … 16.  That's right, 16. Shibby agreed to pay the head chef £130 compensation for the calamity.

Despite Shibby's impressive selling efforts in Covent Garden, Apollo lost the task and Lord Sugar criticised him over the compensation deal. Shibby brought back Paloma and Sandeesh into the boardroom, but it was him who was ultimately fired.

Shibby was Project Manager on the losing team Apollo. They took £974.92, spent £308.93 (including compensation) and made a £655.99 profit.

Episode Two: Rubbing it in …

Shibby remained largely in the background during the task, although he did suggest a product to the rest of Synergy. Basically, it was a hand-like extension that would be used for the application of sunscreen to one’s back. He’d certainly need a helping hand marketing that product.

Alas, an enthusiastic demonstration of the proposed device failed to win over his teammates and they backed the Cüüli instead. Shibby later met with the product designers, although Jamie spearheaded the discussions.

Shibby was on the winning team Synergy. An order for 100 Cüüli units was placed by one of the three retailers.

Episode One: Doctor Goo ...

"My first word wasn't mummy. It was money", declared the surgeon prior to the task. It's not known whether his second word was "sausage", but bangers were very much on the tip of his tongue throughout the day. In the sausage factory, he urged his Synergy team-mates to add more water to the gooey sausage meat mixture to salvage it from ruins.

Shibby joined Project Manager Dan to unsuccessfully sell sausages on the streets surrounding Portobello Market and was unhappy to be interrupted by a stocktake. However, Shibby led negotiations to flog a box of bangers for £50 to a chef shortly before the end of the trading period.

Shibby was on the losing team Synergy. They took £593.33, spent £287.43 and made a £305.90 profit.

About Shibby

Born in Leeds, Shibby Robati landed his first job working as a paper boy at the age of 17 and went on to become a qualified surgeon. He has since turned his hand to business development and says that his biggest strength is knowing his own weaknesses. 

Shibby successfully made £150,000 turnover and over £80,000 profit in the first year of setting up two businesses. He also lays claim to being a voice impersonator and comedian.

My first word wasn't mummy. It was money

Shibby Robati

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