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Sandeesh Samra

Sandeesh Samra

Believes that keeping the customers happy is the key to success

Age: 26
Career: Recruitment Consultant
Hometown: Nottingham

Began her career working in a toy shop

Episode Seven: Fired ...

The recruitment consultant was moved to Synergy and soon discovered that Pinewood Studios is not a furniture store when the candidates met Lord Sugar at the renowned filmmaking location. Sandeesh was appointed Project Manager and attended a training course with Chris and Liz on how to use the DVD making equipment for the task.

However, Sandeesh opted to put Christopher in charge of making the DVDs and had to quickly train him. This move led to the team's stand opening almost an hour late. She also had to contend with an unhappy Jamie, who felt his skills were best used on the selling team rather than delivering orders to Christopher.

Poor sales of Synergy's ski-based blue screen experience prompted Sandeesh to slash the price from £12 to £7.99 and switch to a racing background following Liz's observation of Apollo's stand. In the boardroom, Sandeesh received reasonable praise from her team.

After learning that Synergy had lost the task, Sandeesh brought back Chris and Liz to the boardroom on the basis that they were in charge of the costings. Lord Sugar fired Sandeesh, citing both poor planning and the fact that it was the fourth time she had faced a firing.

Sandeesh was Project Manager on the losing team Synergy. Their total profit was £222.97.

Episode Six: Pitch perfect ...

Sandeesh wafted smoke during the 'Germ-o-nator' commercial. That was her most notable contribution to the task until Alex delegated pitching duties to her. Laura was unhappy with her rehearsal, but Sandeesh impressed the advertising agency with her final pitch to them.

In the boardroom, Sandeesh was partly blamed by Alex after it emerged Apollo had lost the task. The duo rowed over whether she had fed back the colour preferences from the focus group. She was brought back by Alex to face a firing, but Lord Sugar disagreed with the reasons for this because several Apollo members had met the focus group and heard their feedback, which Sandeesh insisted she had passed on. Consequently, Sandeesh was asked to step out of the boardroom and was no longer eligible to be fired.

Sandeesh was on the losing team Apollo. Lord Sugar deemed their campaign to be inferior to Synergy's.

Episode Five: In the firing line …

Sandeesh met a series of fashion designers with Chris and her Project Manager Paloma. Once inside the Trafford Centre, she accompanied Alex on his attempts to generate business for their boutique from his distant promotional stand. She wisely shut down his plan to dupe the public into thinking celebrities were endorsing their store.

In the boardroom, Sandeesh received praise from Paloma for her contribution during the ill-fated task. Nonetheless, Paloma surprised Lord Sugar by bringing her back to face a possible firing.

Sandeesh was on the losing team Apollo. Their total sales were £3223.43.

Episode Four: Soho showdown ...

After Project Manager Chris chose the products, Sandeesh formed a London-based selling sub team with Paloma and Laura. Sandeesh racked up a £780 sale for the slimming T-shirts to a Soho store, but was soon angered when Paloma agreed to a lucrative exclusivity deal with another local vendor. Lord Sugar ultimately discounted both transactions, although this didn't prevent Apollo from winning the task.

Sandeesh was on the winning team Apollo. Their total sales were £122,625.90.

Episode Three: Slating Shibby ...

The recruitment consultant spent the first part of the baking task making bread and muffins in the factory. When Shibby changed the products and demanded a huge quantity following a successful pitch, Sandeesh dubbed it "the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard".

In the boardroom, Sandeesh claimed she was responsible for luring in buyers to the mobile selling team in Islington. She was highly critical of Shibby in the boardroom and was subsequently brought back to face Lord Sugar by her Project Manager. Despite being told that her contributions had been minimal, Sandeesh survived and requested to be installed as Project Manager in the next task.

Sandeesh was on the losing team Apollo. They took £974.92, spent £308.93 (including compensation) and made a £655.99 profit.

Episode Two: Having a ball …

Sandeesh accompanied Liz and Paloma on a trek to Brighton beach to scour the area for ideas. It proved to be a barren experience, although a spot of volleyball and some fish and chips were decent compensation.

The seaside sojourn didn't turn to be a fruitful bonding session either, as Sandeesh expressed her unhappiness with a certain teammate's attitude. "I call her Princess Paloma," Sandeesh griped.

Unlike several  Apollo team members, Sandeesh was keen on the idea of exclusivity with retailer Boots for the Book-eeze product. Project Manager Laura did not heed her views and she was originally chosen to return to the boardroom following their failure to win the task. However, Laura changed her mind and brought Joy back instead.

Sandeesh was on the losing team Apollo. The three retailers placed no orders for their Book-eeze product.

Episode One: Getting to grips with the griddle ...

As part of Joanna's team Apollo, recruitment consultant Sandeesh was left consulting the scales while measuring ingredients for the gourmet bangers.

Having been instrumental in crafting the texture of the posh nosh, Sandeesh manned the griddle in Leadenhall Market. Her cooking skills enticed the nearby city workers with the smell of her sizzling sausages.

Sandeesh was on the winning team Apollo. They took £860, spent £538.84 and made a profit of £321.16.

About Sandeesh

Born and raised in Nottingham, Sandeesh describes herself as "ambitious and opinionated" and emphasises that repeat business, where customers become loyal to a brand, is fundamental to success. She admires the Topshop brand and their ability to remain trendy and would love to have been the brain behind digital giants Facebook and Google. 

Sandeesh started her working life as a sales assistant for Toys "R" Us. As a recruitment consultant she once managed to break a company revenue record.

Don't go for the quick win. Look after your customers and clients

Sandeesh Samra

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