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Raleigh Addington

Raleigh Addington

Coached tennis after graduating with a degree in Economics and Politics

Age: 22
Career: Unemployed Graduate
Hometown: London

Cites John Cadbury as a business inspiration

A chat with Raleigh Addington...

The devastating news that his brother Captain Ed Addington was critically injured following a bomb explosion in Afghanistan led candidate Raleigh to immediately depart The Apprentice to be with his family. Ed survived the attack and is on the road to recovery after 16 operations, but the tragedy has given Raleigh a new purpose and drive as Operations Director for a charitable organisation called Tickets For Troops.

Despite only taking part in one task, Raleigh made a strong impression on viewers of The Apprentice. His "it was shameful" outburst at his Project Manager Dan's handling of the sausage shenanigans will go down in the show's folklore. We caught up for a chat with the young man about his time on the show ...

Sadly, you had to depart the show early, but you certainly made your mark in Episode One's memorable boardroom scene.  Are you aware that the word 'shameful' was trending on Twitter last Wednesday night?

No, I wasn't, but what I was aware of was every friend I know texting me "It was shameful!" So I was aware it was a bit of a catchphrase.

In hindsight, do you think you were spot on with the passionate dressing down you gave Dan, or was it said in the heat of the moment?

Well, I would have liked to have been more positive about Dan. But in reality I don't think Dan would be very positive about himself, looking back on how he was in that task. No, I think I was pretty fair on this one, to be honest.

One of the key questions in the first episode was "Who is doing the mincing?" Didn't you do it in the end?

I hadn't been told I was doing the mincing and clearly that had been missed out in Dan's instructions. But I stepped up at the time because clearly the mincer was not in use.

How has your relationship with sausages changed since then?

I've got to be honest - I've never quite look at a sausage in quite the same way!

Who did you click with amongst the other candidates?

I really thought Chris Bates was a very genuine guy. In the short time I was there he's the one I got to know best and he's the one I really, really hope does well.

Apart from avoiding sausages with a high rusk content, what lessons did you learn from your time on The Apprentice?

I learnt that you can't throw your weight around too much. But to be honest, because of what happened to me while I was on it, I kind of learnt that you've always got to put your family first when it comes to business. Really, that's what I've taken out of it more than anything. I just wanted to be with my family on hearing the news that my brother was badly injured in Afghanistan.

Can you tell us more about Tickets For Troops?

Yes, Tickets For Troops is a new charity. We launched it in November last year with the Prime Minister and Gary Lineker. Since it has launched it's had a massive wave of support from across the board. We've donated 250,000 tickets to over 65,000 troops. It really has been a fantastic thing to be involved in and I've loved it. The country is ready to show our respect for the armed forces during these difficult times.

Aside from your involvement in Tickets For Troops, what ambitions do you have?

At the moment my focus is really on that. But in the future, who knows? I'm still only 23, so I'd love to do other things.

Episode Two: A sad departure …

Lord Sugar revealed to the remaining candidates prior to the second task that Raleigh had to return home because of an emergency family matter.

Episode One: Denouncing Dan ...

Unemployed graduate Raleigh could only look on in horror as his team Synergy broke down into meaty conflict shortly after forming. At Project Manager Dan's behest, he honed his mincing skills in the sausage factory and later joined the team's leader on an ill-fated selling trip around Portobello Market.

In the boardroom, shortly after the news of Synergy's defeat was announced, Raleigh blasted that "the salesmanship of the afternoon was chaos." In a passionate riposte, he branded Dan "a bull in a china shop" and his actions "shameful". He was later delighted that teammate Alex managed to evade a firing.

Raleigh was on the losing team Synergy. They took £593.33, spent £287.43 and made a £305.90 profit.

About Raleigh

Born in Swindon, recent graduate Raleigh is the son of a farmer and a nurse and spent his gap year living in Shanghai. A professional tennis coach, Raleigh studied Economics and Politics at Exeter University and once elicited a donation of £1,000,000 when working in the university's fund raising department. 

He refers to John Cadbury as a business inspiration and describes himself as "enthusiastic, friendly and ambitious".

Check back for weekly updates on Raleigh during the series ...

I'm ruthless, even in Monopoly

Raleigh Addington

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