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Paloma Vivanco

Paloma Vivanco

The globetrotter started her working life frying donuts in Donut King

Age: 29
Career: Senior Marketing Manager
Hometown: London

Views herself as a "no nonsense" candidate

Episode Five: Fatal eruption ...

Lord Sugar installed Paloma as Apollo's Project Manager for the 'Fashion' task. She opted to call the team's Trafford Centre boutique 'One', but crucially failed to alter Alex's suggested location for the promotional stand despite expressing reservations.

Paloma dismissed Alex's desire to change the store's layout, branding him a "liability". Compared to her later comments about her colleague, this was almost a compliment! Inside the boutique, Paloma concentrated on selling the pricey recycled range along with Chris.

The rest of her team responded positively when Lord Sugar asked them whether Paloma was a good leader in the task. However, conflict broke out when it was announced that Apollo was not the victor. Paloma brought back Alex and Sandeesh to the boardroom, launching into a tirade against the former and mocking his abilities. Lord Sugar was unimpressed by Paloma's behaviour and opted to fire her, stating that she is "not the type of person" he wants involved in his organizations.

Paloma was Project Manager on the losing team Apollo. Their total sales were £3223.43.

Episode Four: The exclusivity issue ...

Paloma was dispatched to London alongside Laura and Sandeesh to sell the Baby Glow and slimming T-shirt products for their team Apollo. It wasn't long before conflict engulfed the trio. Paloma apologised to an upset Laura after taking out her own order book to claim the order during her colleague's sale.

Shortly after, Paloma managed to secure a highly lucrative deal with a Soho retailer for 200 shirts. This led not to cheers, but a big row - the agreement involved exclusivity in the Soho area, which wasn't compatible with a smaller deal Sandeesh had just secured. In the boardroom, Lord Sugar discounted both deals, although Paloma's team Apollo still soared to victory.

Paloma was on the winning team Apollo. Their total sales were £122,625.90.

Episode Three: Battling to survive ...

Paloma started the baking task as part of Apollo Project Manager Shibby's pitching team. She claimed that the team could "absolutely guarantee" to the hoteliers that they would supply 1,900 baked items prior to breakfast the following morning – a move that would ultimately backfire.

Conflict with Shibby ensued when Paloma wanted to agree to delivering 400 baguettes to a restaurant. She promptly referred to his behaviour in the meeting as "highly embarrassing".

Following the failure of the task, Shibby blamed Paloma for poor communication and brought her back to the boardroom. She fought her corner and accused Shibby's initial briefing for the problems with meeting the orders. Despite Lord Sugar's concerns that she considers herself superior, she escaped being fired after Karren Brady supported her cause.

Paloma was on the losing team Apollo. They took £974.92, spent £308.93 (including compensation) and made a £655.99 profit.

Episode Two: Snapping away …

As part of team Apollo, Paloma headed to Brighton along with Liz and Sandeesh in search of inspiration for a product. The trio played volleyball on the beach, but failed to impress Project Manager Laura with their feedback.

Paloma was in charge of the photo shoot for the Book-eeze product and snapped the images of Liz posing with the travel accessory. She didn't snap up the offer of exclusivity from Boots though, advising Laura that it wouldn't be beneficial to the team.

Paloma was on the losing team Apollo. The three retailers placed no orders for their Book-eeze product.

Episode One: Cranking out the bangers ...

More used to marketing than making, Paloma blamed "technical difficulties" for her initial struggle to crank out sausages into something that seemed edible. After these teething issues were overcome, it was all plain sailing and the gourmet bangers were churned out to perfection.

Paloma was part of the sub team that targeted businesses around Leadenhall Market, quietly going about her business.

Paloma was on the winning team Apollo. They took £860, spent £538.84 and made a profit of £321.16.

About Paloma

Born in Peru, Paloma has lived a globetrotting life with stints in South America, North America, Australia and New Zealand before heading to the UK. 

Paloma started her working life frying donuts in Donut King and went on to launch her first company at the age of 21 immediately after leaving university.  

Paloma eventually moved into the telecommunications industry and has subsequently continued to cultivate her passion for business development. She also views herself as a "no nonsense" type of person.

I'm a hyper-achiever. Everything I do is always a success

Paloma Vivanco

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