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Liz Locke

Liz Locke

Fashion, food and fitness are all key to the former trader's lifestyle

Age: 24
Career: Investment Banker
Hometown: Birmingham

Claims to be "ambitious, energetic and loyal"

Episode Ten: Not so special …

Liz spent the bulk of the task selling tickets for the Cockney Tour alongside Stuart, although she adopted a less antagonising stance towards her competitors than her Project Manager.

An attempt to encourage a jellied eel vendor to play a Cockney role in the tour led to Liz being accosted by a customer at the stall. Her fortunes didn't improve in the pitch to the London Visitor Centre, which Apollo failed to win.

In the boardroom, it was revealed that Liz's ticket sales were nearly double those of Stuart. However, Lord Sugar felt that she was lacking a certain special quality he is looking for in his Apprentice - and promptly fired her.

Liz was on the losing team Apollo. Their total profit was £834.30.

Episode Nine: The cost of complacency ...

As Apollo's Project Manager, Liz initiated the strategy of phoning around suppliers prior to taking to the road - a marked contrast to Synergy's (lack of) direction. She paired up with Joanna to buy the items, although her bargaining efforts led to several quizzical looks early on when she offered £57 – instead of her teammate's suggestion of £55 – for the sewing machine.

Liz was unhappy that she was not asked to authorise the costly £200 truffle deal by the other half of the team, although Stella maintained that she tried to call her.  As the deadline to return to the boardroom loomed large, Liz managed to charm a supplier, in Camden, into parting with 48 white dinner plates for £120. However, she failed to make it back to the boardroom in time alongside Joanna – causing Lord Sugar to dock £50 from the team.

In spite of her team buying all ten items on the list, compared to the seven secured by their rivals, Liz's Apollo lost the task. The shocked Project Manager returned Laura and Stella to face a firing from Lord Sugar, with the former departing as a result of the truffle transaction. Liz was warned not to be too complacent in the future.

Liz was Project Manager on the losing team Apollo. Their total expenditure, including fines, was £1094.40.

Episode Eight: Unprofessional?

Liz plumped for a bratwurst sausage in the initial team meeting, saying that it would be ideal for German consumers. She hooked up with Chris in an Essex crisp-manufacturing plant to begin work on a variety of flavours, although the sauerkraut and smoked sausage variety left her distinctly unimpressed. The pair forged ahead with ‘currywurst’ and goulash flavours instead.

Liz then flew out to Hamburg with Chris to form a pitching team. A Marriot Hotel representative dubbed the pair "unprofessional" after they were persistent in their attempts to set up a deal with him – despite his earlier mass purchase from Apollo. In the boardroom, Chris chose not to bring back Liz to face a firing from Lord Sugar.

Liz was on the losing team Synergy. They secured total orders worth €17,995.

Episode Seven: An unwanted ton ...

Liz joined Chris and Sandeesh to meet a special effects team and learn how to operate the DVD making equipment. She subsequently suggested that the team purchase 100 blank DVDs for the task. At Westfield Shopping Centre, Liz was part of the selling team and she threw herself into enticing shoppers to take part in the team's skiing experience.

A solo trip to view Apollo's motor racing stand led to Liz suggesting Synergy purchase a toy car to attract attention. While this move increased business, it failed to prevent Sandeesh bringing her back into the boardroom. Sandeesh blamed Liz for errors with the costings, but her past record worked in her favour and she escaped being fired.

Liz was on the losing team Synergy. Their total profit was £222.97.

Episode Six: Taking the back seat ...

Liz spent the first part of the advertising task trying to devise a product idea for Synergy's campaign alongside Christopher and Stella. During the filming of the 'Octi-kleen' commercial, she helped to coordinate affairs with Stella behind the camera. Liz also did her best to put Christopher's 'fake wife' at ease during the shoot, suggesting she imagine that her co-star is Brad Pitt.

Liz was on the winning team Synergy. Lord Sugar deemed their campaign to be superior to Apollo's.

Episode Five: Putting her foot down ...

Lord Sugar moved Liz to Synergy and chose her as Project Manager for the 'Fashion' task. She met the fashion designers alongside Christopher and Joanna, successfully persuading a dress designer to work with Synergy rather than Apollo.

Liz stood barefoot outside her boutique 'The Collection' to draw in the punters, later negotiating with one of the designers to drop her prices by 20% to increase sales. The Project Manager was deemed to be a good one by her team in the boardroom – and also a successful one as victory was achieved.

Liz was Project Manager on the winning team Synergy. Their total sales were £3760.37.

Episode Four: Glowing with success ...

Liz was delegated the pitching responsibilities for the Baby Glow product by her Project Manager Chris. This move reaped massive benefits for team Apollo, as Liz enticed a major retailer into a deal worth £99,000 – more than Synergy's combined sales during the task! Another pitch led by Liz to a department store notched up £19,900 in sales.

Along with her sub team of Alex and Chris, Liz spent part of the task roaming through the boutiques of Portsmouth trying to sell the infant-related products. In the boardroom, Apollo triumphed with Liz's pitches paving the way for victory.

Liz was on the winning team Apollo. Their total sales were £122,625.90.

Episode Three: Keeping out of trouble ...

Liz was part of Apollo’s factory operations, making bread and muffins – but miscommunication with Shibby's pitching team thwarted their efforts. She later joined the sub team selling Bakers Indulgence products in Islington. In the boardroom, she voiced her view that the task was lost because of the decisions made by Shibby's pitching team.

Liz was on the losing team Apollo. They took £974.92, spent £308.93 (including compensation) and made a £655.99 profit.

Episode Two: Model assembly …

Liz enjoyed volleyball 'n' chips during her trip to Brighton with Paloma and Sandeesh, although it failed to inspire any impressive ideas. Liz's body proved to be an asset to her team, as she posed in beachwear for a photo shoot for the Book-eeze's packaging.

Liz later played the pivotal part of assembling the product during the pitches – a role which should not be underestimated given the consequences of the assembly going wrong.

Liz was on the losing team Apollo. The three retailers placed no orders for their Book-eeze product.

Episode One: Impressive number crunching ...

Investment banker Liz formed part of Joanna's victorious team Apollo in the sausage task, combining with Stella to formulate a pricing strategy for the gourmet bangers.

Liz remained in Leadenhall Market as one of the quartet selling sausages to the city workers from team Apollo's stall. In the boardroom, Nick Hewer favourably remarked that she and Stella were "hot on their figures" throughout the task.

Liz was on the winning team Apollo. They took £860, spent £538.84 and made a profit of £321.16.

About Liz

Fashion and food aficionado Liz is a young, but experienced trader in investment banking, who has recently ventured into property development and project management. 

A self-confessed health fanatic, Liz visits the gym three times a week and lists badminton, tennis and running as key interests. She claims to be "ambitious, energetic and loyal". 

I'd liken myself to a Lamborghini - fast, exciting, stylish and successful

Liz Locke

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