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Jamie Lester

Jamie Lester

Before moving into developing properties, Jamie used to sell them as an estate agent

Age: 28
Career: Overseas Property Developer
Hometown: London

Set up his own company at the age of 24

Episode 11: Pointing the finger ...

Joanna laughed at his red tie before the interviews, but this was nothing compared to the embarrassment of Margaret Mountford probing about his non-existent third nipple. She found the bizarre claim on his CV about his body part to be "puerile" and also brought up his poor academic marks and his reluctance to take responsibility for them.

In the boardroom, it was felt that he lost his confidence since a promising start in the early tasks. In addition, his willingness to blame others and a lack of foresight were also discussed. On the plus side, his property experience could prove to be of value to Lord Sugar's business interests. However, he fell just short of making the final as he was fired.

Episode Ten: Gory and glorious …

Jamie was responsible for suggesting the Ghouls & Ghosts Tour and agreed to act as the tour guide. Before setting foot on the bus, he embarked on a research mission with Joanna that ended in a heated argument between the pair. He later claimed that she was too aggressive and acting like a Rottweiler.

Nonetheless, his demeanour was cheerful once he grabbed the microphone to lead tourists on their ghoulish journey. He informed them that the Thames is the second largest river in London and lifted their spirits with a rousing rendition of 'London's Burning'. However, his description of Sweeney Todd's murderous misdemeanours went into too much gory detail for some. In the boardroom, Nick Hewer stated that Jamie was "very, very good" during the task.

Jamie was on the winning team Synergy. Their total profit was £1099.33.

Episode Nine: A hard bargainer ...

Jamie assumed the role of Project Manager for the Discount Buying task, instructing his two teammates to devise emotive stories in order to secure bargains. This tactic paid dividends, as Chris deployed his tales to fine effect.

Hunting for items on his own, with a lack of prior phone calls, proved to be a frustrating experience for Jamie. He struggled to find out the identity and whereabouts of a 22 carat gold 'tikka' during his search in the jewellers of Hatton Garden. Yet once he discovered that it was an Indian headdress, he landed it for an impressive £135 – after very persuasive and persistent negotiating that Karren Brady commended.

He also picked up a sewing machine for £35 – significantly cheaper than the amount paid by the Apollo team. Yet these were the only two items Jamie located, as he spent hours on a futile bid to track down a kitchen worktop. The combined absence of three items from his team's list incurred £511.50 worth of fines, but their haggling was enough to secure victory.

Jamie was Project Manager on the winning team Synergy. Their total expenditure, including fines, was £1020.50.

Episode Eight: A question of time ...

Jamie joined forces with Christopher on a research mission in Hamburg, where the pair tucked into ‘currywurst’ sausages. They reported back that these were immensely popular – and tasty – leading Chris to adopt this flavour along with goulash for the team's crisp varieties.

While in a cab with Christopher, he told his colleague to change a meeting with the Marriot Hotel from 9am to 1pm. They used the morning to sell the products door-to-door instead.

In the boardroom, Jamie was adamant that he shouldn't be the 'fall guy' following criticism of his decision to reschedule the Marriot Hotel appointment – which allowed Apollo to secure a deal first. But Chris brought him back to the boardroom to face a firing following the task loss. Jamie survived despite his inability to identify many highlights in his performances during previous tasks.

Jamie was on the losing team Synergy. They secured total orders worth €17,995.

Episode Seven: A slippery slope ...

Jamie was responsible for Synergy adopting the ski slope background for the blue screen experience in Westfield Shopping Centre, with the focus on attracting children. To the amusement of Christopher, he donned a penguin outfit while filming the backdrop at an indoor slope in Milton Keynes.

However, his smiles turned to frowns when Sandeesh delegated him the task of liaising between the stand and the DVD-making back room in the shopping complex. He felt that his selling skills were wasted in that capacity. In addition, he was unhappy that Sandeesh spent valuable time training Christopher on the equipment rather than deploying someone who had attended the course.

In the boardroom, Jamie claimed that his role proved to be the most crucial during the task. He was criticised by Karren Brady and Chris for his negative treatment of Sandeesh, but the Project Manager opted not to bring him back to face a firing.

Jamie was on the losing team Synergy. Their total profit was £222.97.

Episode Six: Kleening up ...

Jamie worked alongside Joanna for the initial stages of the advertising task, with both voicing their disapproval of the 'Octi-kleen' idea. He filmed the auditions for the part of Christopher's wife in the commercials, before heading to the recording studio with Joanna to perform the voiceover. He also presented the pitch to the ad agency, which was ultimately a successful one.

Jamie was on the winning team Synergy. Lord Sugar deemed their campaign to be superior to Apollo's.

Episode Five: Out on a limb ...

Jamie's most memorable moment in the 'Fashion' task involved dismemberment. This wasn’t the result of an altercation with one of his colleagues, but arose instead when he dropped a full size mannequin – causing plastic limbs to be splayed all over the floor.

Behind the till for much of the afternoon in the Trafford Centre, Jamie spoke up to criticise Joanna's supposedly forceful sales technique outside their boutique.

Jamie was on the winning team Synergy. Their total sales were £3760.37.

Episode Four: Taking the reins ...

Synergy’s Project Manager Jamie settled on the energy-saving shower and twin-handle spade for his products. He was initially after the Baby Glow product, but the inventor opted to deal with Apollo instead.

A pitching collaboration with Melissa failed to convince a major department store to stock either of the products, both of which were unsuitable for their store. Jamie was later more successful on the mobile selling team with Christopher and Joanna, heading a £10,000 deal with a high street store for the showerheads.

In the boardroom, Lord Sugar informed Synergy that they had lost the task despite impressive street sales. Jamie opted to bring back Stuart and Melissa to the boardroom.

Jamie was Project Manager on the losing team Synergy. Their total sales were £76,518.80.

Episode Three: The leadership challenge ...

The failure to land a single vote in his favour put paid to Jamie's desire to be Project Manager for the baking task. This left him with a bit of a croissant on his shoulder, as he was quick to question Melissa's tactics at almost every opportunity. In particular, her inability to make quick decisions caused him endless frustration.

The overseas property developer soon found himself flogging croissants and bagels under the guidance of Stuart in Le Pain Artisan's stall in Kingston-upon-Thames.

Jamie was on the winning team Synergy. They took £999.37, spent £139.50 and made a £859.87 profit.

Episode Two: Throwing in the towel …

Team Synergy's winning Cüüli product stemmed from a suggestion from Jamie. Inspired by past beach-based experiences, he envisaged a rolled-up beach towel serving as a drinks cooler as well as a pillow.

He subsequently led the discussion with the designers and was not shy of voicing his opinions. "I'm like a champagne bottle who will explode if I don't get it out of my system," he later admitted.

Jamie was on the winning team Synergy. An order for 100 Cüüli units was placed by one of the three retailers.

Episode One: Banger bemusement …

Overseas property developer Jamie boldly clamped down on Alex's 'boozy banger' suggestion during Synergy's first team meeting. Jamie was also rattled by a butcher in Smithfield Market when he discovered that the price for meat had risen since their first encounter earlier that night.

Jamie branded the sausage making process "an absolute shambles" and was unhappy with the aggressive sales tactics deployed by Stuart in Portobello Market. Jamie could at least finally crack a smile when Project Manager Dan didn't select him to face a firing from Lord Sugar in the boardroom after their team lost the task.

Jamie was on the losing team Synergy. They took £593.33, spent £287.43 and made a £305.90 profit.

About Jamie

One of four children, former estate agent Jamie Lester is a big fan of dogs, cars and water sports. Passionate about property development, he owned two properties by the age of 23.

A year later he started his own company and turned over £1,000,000 in two and a half years. He describes himself as "honest and trustworthy".

Check back for weekly updates on Jamie during the series ...

I'm very motivated and entrepreneurial - you need to go out there and get your hands dirty

Jamie Lester

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