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Chris Bates

Chris Bates

Passionate about rugby, Gordon Ramsay and money-making

Age: 23
Career: Investment Banker
Hometown: Surrey

Considers intelligence to be his biggest strength

The Final: A close second ...

An assortment of former candidates was brought in to assist the two competing Project Managers in The Final. Chris had first pick ahead of Stella, opting for Jamie, Liz, Alex, and Shibby to help him in the task to create and pitch a new alcoholic beverage.

Chris chose to target young professionals with 'Prism' - an upmarket flavoured rum concoction incorporating Alex's suggestion of pomegranate. He sent Liz and Shibby to test the flavouring at a laboratory, but was less than impressed when they returned with a pinky liquid rather than the clear liquor he specified.

After meeting industry authorities for advice on advertising alcohol, Chris started shooting the television commercial in a basement bar. He quickly fell behind schedule after becoming preoccupied with the method of putting pomegranates in the cocktail, but just managed to wrap it up in time.

Prior to his pitch to a large audience including Lord Sugar, Jamie gave Chris a crash course in adding more emotion and flair to his delivery. It paid off, as Chris expounded the virtues of 'Prism' and the strapline that it 'reflects every side of you'. There were concerns from industry experts about the potentially dangerous angularity of the prism-shaped bottle and effeminate colour of the liquid, but Chris defended his decisions with relative ease.

In the boardroom, Lord Sugar revealed that the advert failed to impress the audience, but the product itself and the pitch were well received. Chris emphasised that he is a rough diamond and his vocational inexperience would not be a problem should Lord Sugar choose him as his apprentice.

After careful consideration, Lord Sugar fired Chris.

Episode 11: Enough reverence ...

Prior to the interviews, Jamie told Chris that he resembled John Major in his sartorial style – and that wasn't the last criticism he received.  Margaret Mountford exposed the statement on his CV that he is "revered" as a theology scholar as a huge exaggeration, as this was purely related to his school days. She felt that he brags about his achievements far too much.

His decision to drop his Law degree at university was challenged by Claude Littner, who suggested he was a directionless quitter. The interviewers later told Lord Sugar that Chris has an excellent academic background, but craves recognition and can come across as monotonous. Nonetheless, Lord Sugar put him through to the final of The Apprentice on the strength of his business acumen.

Episode Ten: The risk pays off …

Chris was alone for the first part of the task, attempting to sell tickets for the Ghouls & Ghosts tour. He agreed a deal with the London Visitor Centre that involved Synergy handing over 20% of their entire profits from the tour. It was frowned upon by his teammates, but was later hailed as a "shrewd business move" by Lord Sugar.

After his futile attempt to convince Jamie to tone down his tale of Sweeney Todd, Chris linked up with Joanna to sell tickets around the Trafalgar Square area. A turf war with Stuart soon erupted, with the rival Project Manager accosting tourists that Chris was speaking to. This led to some strong language, but the arguing rivals later patched things up.

In the boardroom it was revealed that Chris's bold move paid dividends, as the task was won by a significant margin.

Chris was on the winning team Synergy. Their total profit was £1099.33.

Episode Nine: Tall stories ...

Chris wasted much of his time in London hunting for an American periodical called the 'Blue Book' with Stuart. In fact, the item turned out to be an instructional publication for cab drivers. Once they tracked it down, Chris elicited a discount after informing the supplier that his brother desperately needed the book for an imminent exam and that he was short on funds.

More fictional pleas ensued, with Chris informing a tartan supplier that he was very low on funds, but urgently needed the item for a wedding present to his grandmother. The ploy worked, with the boys handing over a paltry £23 as opposed to the £69 paid by the girls.

A desperate plea by Chris also knocked the cost of the white truffles down to £100 – a crucial factor in Synergy's victory as their rivals paid double the amount.

Chris was on the winning team Synergy. Their total expenditure, including fines, was £1020.50.

Episode Eight: The wurst result ...

The investment banker took on the Project Manager role, determined to halt his string of recent task losses. After hearing the market research findings from Christopher and Jamie in Hamburg, Chris opted to go for ‘currywurst’ and goulash flavoured crisps. After these were manufactured, he flew to Hamburg and partnered Liz during a series of pitches.

A representative of the Marriot Hotel branded the duo "unprofessional" following their overly persistent attempts to convince him to commit to a deal – despite the hotel's earlier big deal with Apollo.

Chris was informed in the boardroom that the task was lost, but felt that Christopher and Jamie should shoulder the blame. He brought the pair back to face a firing, with Lord Sugar opting to dismiss Christopher.

Chris was Project Manager on the losing team Synergy. They secured total orders worth €17,995.

Episode Seven: The infamous five ...

Chris was moved from Apollo to Synergy, having only been part of two task wins beforehand. He was soon dancing with joy as he tested out a Bollywood backdrop for the blue screen experience while meeting the special effects team with Liz and Sandeesh.

At Westfield Shopping Centre, Chris was on selling duties and accosted various members of the public in a bid to sell their skiing adventure to them. Not enough customers were found to cover the team's expenditure and the task was lost.

In the boardroom, Chris stated his disapproval of Jamie's attitude towards Sandeesh, but the Project Manager opted to bring him and Liz back to face a firing. Lord Sugar pointed out that it was the fifth time Chris had been on a losing team, but opted to give him another chance.

Chris was on the losing team Synergy. Their total profit was £222.97.

Episode Six: Getting his hands dirty ...

The investment banker took a leading role for Apollo in the advertising task, devising the 'Germ-o-nator' concept for their cleaning product. He also directed the product's commercial, giving guidance to the actor on how to express the frustration of a gravy stain on a cooker. Move over Spielberg!

During the pitch to the advertising agency, he insisted the ad was funny and ranked an "8 or 9" out of 10 on the laughter scale. Following the loss of the task, Alex returned Chris to the boardroom to face Lord Sugar. Chris stuck up for Sandeesh, who was also at risk of a firing, stating that it was "a bit of a joke" that she was brought back. Lord Sugar ultimately spared him, but warned that he had become too "cocky".

Chris was on the losing team Apollo. Lord Sugar deemed their campaign to be inferior to Synergy's.

Episode Five: Dressed, but no success ...

The 'Fashion' task saw Chris up his sartorial game, with advisor Karren Brady particularly impressed by a recycled suit donned by the investment banker. He focused on selling that particular range of clothing in his team’s boutique in the Trafford Centre, convincing one female shopper to spend £478 on recycled dresses.

Chris also formed one half of the search party, alongside Laura, that embarked on an epic mission to find Alex's promotional stand. Ultimately, his team lost the task but Project Manager Paloma commended Chris for selling "brilliantly".

Chris was on the losing team Apollo. Their total sales were £3223.43.

Episode Four: Dressed for success ...

Chris assumed the role of Apollo's Project Manager for the 'Selling to Trade' task, selecting the Baby Glow and slimming T-shirt products to lure the retailers. He led the pitches for the T-shirts, forming a sub team with Liz and Alex that managed a visit to Peterborough on their travels.

Upon hearing the news of Paloma's exclusivity deal for the shirts in Soho, Chris was stunned. He disapproved of the agreement because it was undertaken without consultation with the manufacturers.

In the boardroom, Chris's pitching style was likened to a "low flying heavy bomber coming home", although his content was considered "excellent". The team's selling strategy impressed the retailers and Apollo's sales securedvictory in the task.

Chris was Project Manager on the winning team Apollo. Their total sales were £122,625.90.

Episode Three: Dressing up ...

Lord Sugar moved Chris to the Apollo team, where his pitching qualities were not required following the criticism he received in last week’s task. Instead, he found himself languishing in a factory making bread and muffins.

He soon joined his Project Manager Shibby for a stint in Covent Garden, selling their products under the Bakers Indulgence banner. Given his desire to see Stella in a bikini during the beach accessory task, he could have no complaints about having to dress up as a hob cooker to promote the products.

Chris was on the losing team Apollo. They took £974.92, spent £308.93 (including compensation) and made a £655.99 profit.

Episode Two: The delivery of a Dalek …

After a subdued jaunt to Butlins in Bognor alongside Alex and Christopher Farrell, Chris sparked into life when he hatched a cunning plan – to use Stella as a bikini-wearing model. "Go on mate, take one for the team," he urged his Project Manager. His powers of persuasion eventually won her over.

Chris was in charge of delivering the pitches to the retailers, but errors led to consternation amongst his team. His delivery was also dubbed "monotone" by Nick Hewer.

Chris was on the winning team Synergy. An order for 100 Cüüli units was placed by one of the three retailers.

Episode One: Marking his territory ...

The 23-year-old banker showcased his confidence in the initial meeting of the boys, slamming Stuart's name suggestion Fusion as "clichéd". The group were quick to adopt Chris' proposition - Synergy - instead.

Increasingly disgruntled, he joined Project Manager Dan to sell on the streets surrounding Portobello Market. He observed that they were "running round like headless chickens".

In the boardroom, Chris told Lord Sugar that "there was a lack of control over the whole process".

Chris was on the losing team Synergy. They took £593.33, spent £287.43 and made a £305.90 profit.

About Chris

Chris Bates has previously worked for leading investment bank JP Morgan after graduating with a first class honours degree from Nottingham University. His past jobs have included working in an off-licence and a pub.

Chris names Gordon Ramsay as one of his greatest business icons and would love to head up a pharmaceutical company that finds a cure for worldwide illnesses.

Check back for weekly updates on Chris during the series ...

Business is ultimately about getting the basics spot on. If you get the simple things right you will succeed

Chris Bates

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