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Alex Epstein

Alex Epstein

Claims he originally conceived an idea similar to the bendy bus

Age: 26
Career: Unemployed Head of Communications
Hometown: Manchester

Describes himself as "unconventional"

Episode Six: Marching orders ...

Alex was installed as Apollo's Project Manager by his teammates and initially dismissed Chris's 'Germ-o-nator' idea before resurrecting it. He soon split into a sub team with Laura, meeting the designers to conjure up the product's packaging. Alex allowed Chris to have the directorial reins for the television commercial, but was on hand to operate the smoke machine for the dramatic entrance of the 'Germ-o-nator'.

Following the pitch to the advertising agency, which Alex delegated to Sandeesh, there was silence in the boardroom when Lord Sugar asked whether he was a good Project Manager. After, it was announced that Apollo had lost the task, he chose to bring back Chris and Sandeesh to the boardroom. Alex cited the television commercial and the colouring of the product as the reason for its failure to impress the advertising agency and Lord Sugar.

A passionate argument with Chris ensued, in which Alex shouted at him. Lord Sugar disagreed with the reasoning behind the selection of Sandeesh, ultimately choosing to fire Alex – but with regret.

Alex was Project Manager on the losing team Apollo. Lord Sugar deemed their campaign to be inferior to Synergy's.

Episode Five: Diss-location ...

Alex hyped up both his retailing savvy and extensive knowledge of the Trafford Centre during Apollo's first team meeting. He pinpointed the best location for their boutique's promotional stand – or so he thought! The location was widely criticised for being so far away from the store.

The Mancunian also criticised the arrangement of the items in the store, before heading outside with a placard to loudly accost passers-by. He suggested to Sandeesh that they tell potential customers that there are celebrities at their boutique, but this lie was quickly dismissed. More impressively, Alex arranged for a commercial promoting the boutique to appear on the Trafford Centre's large video screen.

This wasn't enough to rescue the team's bid to win the task, with Alex being immediately blamed by Paloma for the team's failure and labeled "an irritant". Brought back to the boardroom by his Project Manager, Alex was spared a firing by Lord Sugar who thought he had been set up as the lackey.

Alex was on the losing team Apollo. Their total sales were £3223.43.

Episode Four: A winning change ...

Lord Sugar moved Alex to the Apollo team for the 'Selling to Trade' task, where he linked up with Chris and Liz for their pitches. He was praised by his teammates for his responses to the retailers' questions. Alex later accompanied the pair on their successful selling trip on the streets of Peterborough.

Alex was on the winning team Apollo. Their total sales were £122,625.90.

Episode Three: Messing with Melissa ...

Alex stepped in to help Synergy's Project Manager Melissa after a perilous first pitch for their bakery in which the team was baffled by their own costing plan. However, the pair locked horns in a streetside spat in Soho while selling the products. Alex was decidedly unimpressed with Melissa's musing over whether to shift the mobile team's location following slow sales. He later reiterated his criticism in the boardroom.

Alex was on the winning team Synergy. They took £999.37, spent £139.50 and made a £859.87 profit.

Episode Two: Playing it Cüül …

Alex gathered a couple of stray umlauts together and conjured up the Cüüli name for Synergy's beach accessory product. He later spoke to several visitors at Butlins in Bognor about the product idea to gain feedback, although the response was muted to say the least.

Displaying his artistic credentials, Alex snapped Stella in a bikini for the modelling shoot.

Alex was on the winning team Synergy. An order for 100 Cüüli units was placed by one of the three retailers.

Episode One: Inventing the 'boozy banger' …

Unemployed Alex was full of beans when his team Synergy sat down to devise their sausage strategy. He proposed targeting the family market with the 'fruity banger', the 'fiery banger' and the 'boozy banger'. It was the latter item that incurred the wrath of teammate Jamie, who felt that Alex was being ludicrous and the idea never came to fruition.

Instead, Alex had 'bargain bangers' to contend with, seasoning the produce in the factory and then promoting them by bellowing through a megaphone. In the boardroom, losing Project Manager Dan brought Alex into the firing line and Karren Brady observed that "All I saw Alex do was stand behind the griddle". Nonetheless, Alex successfully fought for his survival.

Alex was on the losing team Synergy. They took £593.33, spent £287.43 and made a £305.90 profit.

About Alex

Alex Epstein spent much of his childhood dreaming up new products and claims he originally conceived an idea similar to the bendy bus. Alex was a prefect in school and was awarded 10 A* at GCSE. 

Sacked from his first job making ice-cream at Haagen Dazs, Alex later found his forte in corporate communications, but fell victim to the recession before he applied for The Apprentice. He once sang the American National Anthem to President Bush Snr at a charity dinner.

Be different. When everyone is zigging, you should zag

Alex Epstein

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