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Episode 1: Scrubbing up

It's week one and already there are surprises in store. One candidate has 'bottled it' and that's before he even met Sir Alan. 'I'm going to find out if you're the real deal,' says Sir Alan. He's looking for a diamond, but which candidates are going to sparkle?

The first task is to start up a cleaning business. With up to £200 to spend on materials, the objective is simple: to find business and make a profit. At the end of the day, how hard is it to clean a car?

What happened:

Task set up
Girls in car

Behind the scenes banter

Watch the candidates getting ready for their first task

Mona Lewis

The girls get scrubbing

Watch the girls struggle to wash, polish and wax

Rocky in car lot

The boys fail to shine

Watch the boys making a mess of their car valeting service

'It's a shambles'

'It's a shambles'

Watch the boys making a total mess of their car valeting service

girls in car lot

The deal's off

Watch the girls losing the cleaning contract for ten cars

Howard Ebison

Howard takes control

Watch team leader Howard attempt to speed up the boys

Anita Shah

The girls hustle for business

Watch Debra's half of the team trying to make some money

Anita, you're fired

Anita, you're fired

Watch the first candidate being fired from the competition

Taxi ride
Anita Shah

Anita's taxi ride

Watch the first casualty of the boardroom talking about her Apprentice experience

Sir Alan Sugar

In pictures

Take a look at images from the first episode

boys team

A clean win

The first task was to set up a cleaning business. The boys cleaned up, but the girls failed to shine

Mona Lewis

First impressions of the candidates

Take a look at the candidates that made the most noise this week

You're Fired
The 16th Candidate: Adam Freeman

Meet 'the bottler'

Watch the exclusive interview with the missing 16th candidate as seen on The Apprentice: You're Fired!

Questionable Team Leader

Mona's questionable leadership

Watch Adrian Chiles and guests discuss Mona's blunders as seen on The Apprentice: You're Fired!

Post show
Sir Alan Sugar

Episode 1 recap

Watch the teams scrambling their way through the first cleaning-themed task

Anita's exit interview

Anita's exit interview

Watch this exclusive interview with Anita Shah, the first person to fall foul of Sir Alan

Coming up
Mona & Kimberly

Coming up in episode 2

Watch the candidates getting heated in the kitchen as they start up a corporate catering company

Yasmina leads the girls team in episode 2

Meet the team leaders

Watch Yasmina and Rocky nominate themselves as the 'obvious' team leaders for the second task

Programme Information

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Episode 1 : Scrubbing up

25 Mar 09

You're fired

Episode 1

25 Mar 09

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