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Episode 12: The final Predictor round up week 12

Predictor round up week 12

Predictors had to guess whether Kate or Yasmina would lose the final of The Apprentice 2009. Both candidates knew they couldn’t put a foot wrong when they were tasked with creating a brand new box of chocolates.

However, Yasmina’s muddled project management earned her the highest number of predictions. Meanwhile Kate’s polished performance meant most predictors thought she would win. Few guessed that Sir Alan would ultimately trust his instincts and hire Yasmina.

Please note: The graphs show users' predictions for the final two candidates from the start of the show to the moment when Sir Alan makes his final decision.


Predictions for Kate

Once again, Kate put in her trademark strong performance throughout the final task. Predictions barely rose when Kate approved the expensive price of the box of chocolates. Nick Hewer praised Kate’s performance as she devised the chocolates, the box and the promotional advertisement.

In the boardroom Sir Alan questioned Kate’s business instinct, asking her whether or not she was more concerned with titles than achievements. Despite even this, Kate remained the favourite to win.



Predictions for Yasmina

Yasmina received the majority of predictions throughout the final. Predictions rose the moment Yasmina decided to back a questionable ‘chocolates for men’ concept. Despite Yasmina radically revamping her core concept, the minority of predictors sensed that she would win the job.

Her apparently muddled management style meant many people missed the fact that Yasmina had created a credible marketing campaign for a commercial new product.


You're hired

Sir Alan told Kate and Yasmina that they were the strongest candidates he’d ever had to choose between in the boardroom of a final. Predictors found the choice far easier and felt that Kate was the clear winner.

However, predictors failed to notice Sir Alan repeatedly asking Yasmina why he should hire her. Any salesperson worth his or her salt would have picked on those strong sales signals. Yasmina duly responded with a series of convincing statements that sealed the fate of her rival.

Comments reflected a mixture of responses to Sir Alan’s decision. Predictors felt both candidates had done themselves proud in the most evenly-matched Apprentice final ever.

Classic Quotes

“Will Philip be on Kates team and will she loose focus again?” – Andy L, Waterloo

“Dance in your pants... Dance in your pants... Whatcha gotta do is dance in your pants!” – All fired up!, London

“I have a feeling yasmina will win” - Tomek, Bracknell

“Sir Alan looked like he was about to cry when he fired James. - ”Jordan, beds.

“Empty warehouse in London + Sir Alan Sugar = Make a box of chocolates. We all saw that coming right? – Editor

“Exploding chocolate pants would be better!” – MumnKate, West End.

“Pantsman: The Musical?” – Andy, Coventry

“Phil’s going to go out of the boardroom and PantsMan’s going to walk back in while he’s gone.” – Jonsey, Earth.

“Yasmina WILL win!” – Joel, Cambridge

“KATE to WIN!” – Kate, Edin


“Go on Yazz, yeeeeeehhhhhaaaaaaaaa!” – NR, Durham.

“OMG! KATE should have won!” - Jamie, Saundersfoot

“Right decision. Yasmina needed the opportunity.” - Jamie, Right here.



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