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Episode 12: The final Margaret says goodbye

Margaret says goodbye

After five years as Sir Alan's 'eyes and ears', Margaret has decided to hang up her Apprentice boots to concentrate on her studies. She is working on a PhD in Papyrology, studying documents found in Egypt and written in ancient Greek. 'I would like to concentrate on finishing this before I need a Zimmer frame to get on the platform to receive it,' she said.

Margaret is refreshingly honest. In an age of gushing praise, her analysis of the candidates' performances has genuine value. This series she has delighted us with her frowns, eye-rolls, eyebrows shooting skyward and withering glances, along with her exasperated comments and dry wit.

Her classic quotes include: 'Never before in the history of car washing have so few cars been washed by so many people in such a long time.' And 'I'm waiting for the explosion' after eating one of Yasmina's chocolates in the final.

The former corporate lawyer has been a magnificent force on The Apprentice and she will be sorely missed.

Watch again some of Margaret's finest moments.

'I am devastated that Margaret is leaving. She is a steady rock in an uncertain sea... A true lady and we wish her joy.' Says Apprentice fan Seredipity.

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