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Episode 8: Cool Margate Predictor round-up week 8

Predictor round-up week 8

Episode 8 pulled the rug from the feet of our predictors. Debra seemed a dead cert to go but it was Mona who left the show.

Please note: The graphs show users' predictions for the final three candidates from the the start of the show to the moment when Sir Alan makes his final decision. The graphs do not represent public opinion.


Predictions for Debra

Debra was favourite to go from the start of episode 8. Predictions rose as Debra failed to control Team Ignite, bickered with Howard and produced possibly the worst promotional posters for Margate ever printed. Predictions rose further still when Sir Alan, Margaret and Nick accused Debra of lying about the blank spaces on the leaflets.


Predictions for Mona

As episode 8 unfolded, very few people predicted that Mona was going to get sacked.  Despite a series of costly blunders, Mona remained under the predictors’ radar throughout. Surprisingly, predictions only increased by a small margin when it came down to the final showdown in the boardroom.


Predictions for James

James was very much in the background of episode 8 and the small number of predictions he received reflected this. This continued even when it became clear James was on the losing team, yet again. Predictors correctly sensed that James was safe despite being singled out by Sir Alan as playing “court jester”.

Hot heads in cool Margate

As Debra seized power as project manager, argued with team mates, miscalculated her time management and ignored crucial advice about leaflet design, the predictors were convinced last night would be Debra’s last as a candidate.

James received the least predictions throughout episode 8. Even in the final moments, when Sir Alan branded James a “court jester”, predictors felt the loveable lunk wasn’t going home.

Despite undertaking the most shambolic R&D field trip so far this series, predictors only began to realise the game was up for Mona when it came down to the final showdown.

Even when Sir Alan accused Mona of not supporting the project manager or the theme of the task, Mona received a much smaller number of predictions than Debra. Even then only a select few predictors guessed that Mona was goner.

Should Mona have gone? Was Debra lucky? How did James stay under the radar so successfully? Have your say on our message boards:

See you next week in The Predictor.

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