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Episode 9: Baby love Boardroom winners and losers

Boardroom winners and losers

The competition is heating up. Nine candidates have been fired and six candidates remain. So let's take a look at the boardroom story so far...

Trusting her instincts has proved successful for Lorraine. With six wins under her belt, she's had more treats than any other candidate, although she's faced Sir Alan twice in explosive boardroom showdowns.

Howard and Kate boast five wins each, and along with Yasmina, have only encountered Sir Alan once in the final three of the boardroom.

Three familiar faces in the boardroom are DebraJames and Ben, each has been on the firing line four times. Nice guy James is our most familiar face in the Loser's Café, with six weeks on the losing team. Can he turn his luck around next week?

As the competition draws towards an end, there's one thing for certain - everyone, at some point, will face Sir Alan in the boardroom.

Lorraine - winning team 6 times, boardroom final 2 times 
Howard - winning team 5 times, boardroom final 1 time 
Kate - winning team 5 times, boardroom final 1 time
Yasmina - winning team 4 times, boardroom final 1 time
James - winning team 3 times, boardroom final 4 times
Debra - winning team 4 times, boardroom final 4 times
Ben - winning team 3 times, boardroom final 4 times

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