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Episode 5: The advertising challenge Musical moments

Musical moments

Is Sir Alan looking for both business acumen and musical ability from his apprentice this year? The candidates are showing a surprising flair for music and this week keep breaking into song.

'Accomplished musician' Kimberly Davis has, according to her biography, played the flute at Disneyland and Mozart at Carnegie Hall. Interestingly she stays quiet in this task, leaving the performing to her fellow candidates.

First up in the parrot auditions, James gives stern Margaret a rare laugh with his shanty rendition of the pirate parrot. 'You sound like Ian Paisley,' she jokes.

But it's in the music studios that stars dazzle some of the candidates' eyes. Yasmina skips and dances her way through the pirate jingle - which PM Kate later rejects. Bulldozer Ben shows a lighter side of his character, leaping at the chance to be Captain Squawk and grooves his way through the voiceover with a surprisingly convincing pirate parrot impression.

But it's 'cocky' Philip that provides one of the highlights of this musical week. At a London music studio, he lays down his hokey Pants Man jingle. 'One take, that's all I do, one take, ' he beams with a grin that practically glints. A bemused studio sound engineer sighs, 'he's certainly got some confidence... He may think he's Bono.' 

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