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The Apprentice 2008

Finalist Claire Young's life has transformed since appearing on The Apprentice. For starters she has lost two and half stone in weight, and having suffered back problems from wearing high heels, she’s become a spokesperson for shoe brand MBT. After she was fired, Claire turned down a top job at Birmingham City Football Club to start her own business consultancy and now works with a range of clients from FMCG manufacturers to retailers. Claire has also launched a prestigious wedding company, Elegant Venues, and is helping to organise winner Lee McQueen's wedding. Chatterbox Claire is regularly seen and heard commentating on the credit crunch and other business issues on the radio and TV. She was involved with National Apprentice Week and has an ongoing involvement with a number of charities.

Raef Bjayou, the well spoken entrepreneur, has been busy mixing business with media projects. His varied media work includes becoming the face of British Airways’ in-flight entertainment to television work including Tonight with Trevor MacDonald and Celebrity Come Dine With Me. He has gone back to his property portfolio and pharmaceutical distribution company specialising in Western Africa. He is an ambassador for the Prince's Trust and the Princess Alice Hospice.

Post-Apprentice, Alex Wotherspoon has been busy juggling his business, media and modelling commitments. He's been working extensively as a business consultant, running workshops for blue chip organisations, as well as writing a column for a well-known women's magazine and appearing as a commentator on BBC politics programme This Week. Recently Alex announced his engagement to long term girlfriend Hannah.

Simon Smith returned to his job as an engineer, but after turning down almost 20 jobs he was promoted to a managerial role. He has just helped deliver Camelot's Nationwide Lottery Terminal switch-out, so is travelling a lot up and down the country and has been heavily involved in this big national project.

Jennifer Maguire moved back to Dublin after she was fired and set up Bella, a makeover studio in the heart of the city centre: the only makeover and photography studio in Dublin. Specialising in high fashion photography and soon to expand into a second studio in the west of Ireland, the company has also recently launched their own range of cosmetics.

Ian Stringer has achieved a lifelong ambition of becoming a football commentator. He now works full time for BBC Radio Leicester, following Leicester City to matches around the country.
Michael Sophocles has been working as a sales consultant for a number of publishing companies in London. He also participates in public speaking and media work, including writing film reviews for the Jewish Chronicle.

Lindi Mnagza has set up her own company, Revision Business Services, which helps struggling companies get out on of the red into the green. She also works in sales consultancy, mentoring and public speaking.

Nicholas DeLacy Brown spent much of the last year in recovery. His leg was crushed in an accident when a lorry reversed, hitting a wall that fell on him. Nicholas has recently taken off the Ilizarov frame, which he was in for nine months. His fine art career has taken off and the trainee-barrister has exhibited in both London and Paris.
After she was fired, Helene Speight was promoted to General Manager, Pressure Test and Calibration at the General Electric. In September she started Executive MBA at the Henley Business School. She plays a key role in the GE Women's network and is an active supporter of children's charities.

Series four winner, Lee McQueen, continues to work for Sir Alan's company AMSHOLD, developing digital display advertising.

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    • 1. At 3:08pm on 17 Mar 2009, radioactivejaycee2 wrote:

      Thanks for this-it`s great to read about how they went on afterwards.
      This was my favourite series.
      But then again, i kind of say that every year :)

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    • 2. At 9:37pm on 17 Mar 2009, DazzaS wrote:

      What about Lucinda Ledgerwood, Jennifer Celerier, Sara Dhada, Kevin Shaw and Wahab?

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    • 3. At 2:55pm on 25 Mar 2009, Kernow_Bird wrote:

      Great to catch up on these past contestants, but please can you create a link to their respective photo (perhaps when you click on their underlined name), as I've forgotten who's name belongs to which face (how sad is that?!!!) Bring on the next series ... it's been far too long!

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    • 4. At 8:11pm on 25 Mar 2009, Scott_host wrote:

      Can't believe its the start of a new series with all last year's contestants still fresh in the memory! With just under one hour until episode one begins, the excitement mounts, any first thoughts?

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    • 5. At 1:46pm on 31 Mar 2009, iGlad wrote:

      Jenni celerier actually set up a business consultancy with the lass from yorkshire in season 3 Kristina Grimes, which I find quite a shock. Kristina Grimes was working in Manchester working in sales for Dandara but as the bottom has fallen out of the new apartment sales she obviously moved on. The two of them seem to be at most business exhibitions as guest speakers. As for Lindi how can she offer business advice to companies when she's only about 18 years old and has no previous business experience. I expected her to get involved with lots of youth charities but seems like she didn't.

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    • 6. At 1:49pm on 31 Mar 2009, iGlad wrote:

      "Michael Sophocles has been working as a sales consultant for a number of publishing companies in London" I interpret that as selling advertising space in magazines.

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    • 7. At 03:24am on 02 Apr 2009, DJBizu wrote:

      OoO i SEEN Ian Stringer Loads Leicester our Radio Station its nice to see around.

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    • 8. At 9:58pm on 09 Apr 2009, aaronsilk wrote:

      is Claire Young the one witha neck scarf? she looks real sassy and pretty

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    • 9. At 7:43pm on 15 Apr 2009, marywasfired wrote:

      As a reply to DPsychoS, there can only be one answer to why they are not mentioned.
      They are all now nobodys and will be appearing in a supermarket check-out near you! :)

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