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Episode extras

Episode 12: The final

Main Series: Episode 12

Kate and Yasmina go head-to-head in the final chocolate challenge. Only one will taste success and win the dream job of Sir Alan's Apprentice.

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Episode 11: The interview round

Main Series: Episode 11

There's no place to hide as the final five candidates face four of Sir Alan's trusted advisors in face-to-face interviews.

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Episode 10: Car crash TV

Main Series: Episode 10

The candidates hit the prime time as Sir Alan challenges them to pick and sell products live on a popular television shopping channel.

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Episode 9: Baby love

Main Series: Episode 9

The teams are selling at the country's biggest baby show. With two products to sell, will their choices catch the eyes of mums-to-be?

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Episode 8: Cool Margate

Main Series: Episode 8

Sir Alan challenges the candidates to rebrand the faded seaside town Margate with a dazzling tourism campaign.

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Episode 7: Heading North

Main Series: Episode 7

Sir Alan sends the candidates up North and their task is to break two new products into the competitive retail market.

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Episode 6: Bric-a-brac race

Main Series: Episode 6

The teams have to uncover the value of ten items. Will they keep cool and get the right price for the gems?

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Episode 5: The advertising challenge

Main Series: Episode 5

Who will Sir Alan have for breakfast in this week's creative task? The teams have to advertise a new brand of healthy cereal.

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Episode 4: A soap opera

Main Series: Episode 4

Tensions start to bubble over as Sir Alan challenges the candidates to produce a range of natural body care products.

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Episode 3: Survival of the fittest

Main Series: Episode 3

There's no place for lazy people to hide. Sir Alan wants the teams to create a new piece of portable home fitness equipment.

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Episode 2: A hungry business

Main Series: Episode 2

Sir Alan challenges the candidates to set up a catering service for busy City professionals.

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Episode 1: Scrubbing up

Main Series: Episode 1

For the first task Sir Alan wants to see the candidates getting their hands dirty. They have one day to make money cleaning

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New series: Coming soon

New Series: New series

From thousands of applicants, the new candidates. 12 weeks. One job. The Apprentice: it’s the job interview from hell

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Pre series: Comic Relief

Comic Relief: Pre series

Ten celebrities took on The Apprentice challenge in a special two-part programme for Comic Relief

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Previous years: Apprentice highlights

lee mcqueen

Relive the highlights from the past 4 series

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