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James McQuillan

James McQuillan
Fired: Week 11 Qualifications: MA Hons in Economics
Age: 32
Career: Senior Commercial Manager Hometown: Surrey

Family man James McQuillan describes himself as a 'schmoozer' who people feel comfortable around.  Football referee, sports fanatic and former child chess champion James is inspired by people with passion. He cites the likes of Al Pacino and JK Rowling as his inspirational figures.  James, who claims to suffer from 'foot in mouth syndrome,' has worked as a labourer, trolley collector and a nightclub doorman before finding his niche in commercial management.  He describes himself as likeable and selfless and would love to have been the brains behind The A-Team.

He says: "I'm astute and shrewd and smart... maybe blunt at times."

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