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Kimberly Davis

Kimberly Davis
Fired: Week 5 Qualifications: BA in Music Management
Age: 33
Career: Marketing Consultant Hometown: London

Born in The Bronx, New-Yorker Kimberly Davis is an accomplished musician and business owner who believes that no dream is too big.   Kimberly's entrepreneurial spirit blossomed at an early age when, aged five, she started her own lemonade and ice tea stand.  She has since gone on to launch highly successful marketing and development businesses.  With an impressive musical history, Kimberly has performed Mozart at Carnegie Hall, danced onstage at Disney World, played flute in Disneyland's Electric Light Parade, and toured the US East Coast playing violin with the Essex County Chamber Orchestra. A strong believer in Karma, Kimberly insists she has no 'poker face' and lists Tiffany & Co, Chanel and Apple as her most inspiring brands.

She says: "I bring honesty and integrity to the table, I don't lie, cheat or backstab. I am not the stereotypical New Yorker and it's a stereotype I've faced."

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