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Rocky Andrews

Rocky Andrews
Fired: Week 2 Qualifications: n/a
Age: 21
Career: Sandwich Chain Owner Hometown: North Yorkshire

Rocky Andrews is this year's youngest candidate and already earns more than the salary on offer from Sir Alan.  He left school at 16 to pursue a football career with Middlesbrough United but was soon diagnosed with arthritis making it impossible to continue. A year later, Rocky decided to start up a lucrative sandwich business which now includes 15 shops across the North East of England. 

He says: "For me business is about hard-work, attention to detail, being willing to make mistakes and learning from these mistakes."

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  • 1. At 12:24pm on 17 Mar 2009, fearlessNaz007 wrote:

    Successful at a young age, he'll be one to watch no doubt!

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  • 2. At 12:41pm on 17 Mar 2009, Charles_Sweeney wrote:

    This guy looks like a strong contender, but I have to wonder why people with successful businesses want to work for an employer. Sir Alan has said the same thing.

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  • 3. At 1:49pm on 17 Mar 2009, ROBOSHOCHICKS wrote:

    Up the Boro - we like Rocky !

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  • 4. At 1:55pm on 17 Mar 2009, jovialMB wrote:

    Looks like a strong candidate. I will be very surprised if he is binned early. If he goes far, questions will have to be asked about what a highly successful chap like this is doing gunning for the big job.....

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  • 5. At 2:40pm on 17 Mar 2009, juiceproducer wrote:

    This makes a mockery of the show, the guy owns his own business and earns more than is on offer, the job as apprentice is a backward step. Sir Alan will ask why he wants the job to which he'll get the usual "I want to work and learn from the best" NONSENSE!! It's someone who looks interesting and fancies being on TV. The show should screen people out to avoid the show looking false. Its getting weary!!

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  • 6. At 3:12pm on 17 Mar 2009, teacher_of_science wrote:

    damn right juiceproducer, well said

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  • 7. At 3:39pm on 17 Mar 2009, Rat_Race_Escapee wrote:

    Who can say more than Charles Sweeney and juiceproducer.

    Running your own business is the best way to live. To go back to the corporate world is such a bad move but the reason Rocky can't see this is because he has never been in the corporate world and it sounds more exciting than sandwiches in Durham.

    He might do alright to start with but he is very young and could you really take a leader seriously with a name like Rocky?!

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  • 8. At 3:47pm on 17 Mar 2009, AndyPetersIsAGod wrote:

    Agree with everyone that he should stick to what he knows. Otherwise he will find himself in a bit of a pickle, wont cut the mustard and end up getting cheesed off.

    Roll on Apprentice 09

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  • 9. At 4:10pm on 17 Mar 2009, OfcourseYouAre wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 10. At 4:41pm on 17 Mar 2009, yarmred wrote:

    Definitely Rocky and definitely was a trainee at Boro. The sarnies aren't bad either ;-)

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