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AboutThe Predictor

Welcome to The Apprentice Predictor, a just-for-fun online prediction game that allows you to pick who you think will be fired in the programme. Please note that this Predictor in no way affects the outcome of the programme.

Getting started

The Predictor is available to play when The Apprentice is on TV: Wednesdays at 9pm. You can launch the Predictor up to 15 minutes in advance of the programme starting by clicking on the large homepage link.

Watching the programme

You can watch the show on the computer, or the TV, as you play along. If you are watching television at the same time you may find it better to pause the web stream as it will be slightly out of step with the TV.

Losing your connection

If you lose your connection while streaming the live programme you will need to refresh the browser page (press F5 on a PC or cmd-R on a Mac). Please note that you will lose your scores by doing this!

How to play

  • Launch the Predictor from the homepage up to 15 minutes before the show starts
  • Each current candidate appears as a small image at the bottom with a graph bar above it
  • The bars are updated every 10 seconds and represent the percentage of all players who think that candidate will be fired
  • The higher the bar the more players think that candidate will be fired
  • You can make your choice by clicking on your selected candidate - you'll see the bar go green
  • You can only make one selection at a time, but you can change your mind at any time by clicking on another candidate
  • During the course of the programme certain candidates become safe from firing; if they're in the winning team for example. These candidates will become inactive in the prediction panel and you will no longer be able to select them


  • There are 1000 points on offer with the potential for a 10% bonus, so you have the potential to score 1100
  • Your points will only be calculated at the end of the programme when the firing decision is revealed by Sir Alan
  • You score points by correctly predicting who will be fired, and the longer you keep that candidate selected the more points you score. If, for example, you select candidate 1 at the beginning, change your mind and select candidate 2 but your first choice is fired, you score the value of the first candidate, calculated on the amount of time held
  • If, for example, you reselect a candidate, the points from the first period of selection are unfrozen and added to the new selection potential score
  • A history of your selections appears in the horizontal line above the bars. A dark green portion denotes a current selection and light green denotes an old selection of a candidate still in danger of being fired. A grey portion denotes a candidate selection who is safe from firing, rendering those points lost
  • The time remaining to predict appears in the circle on the right-hand side with a countdown timer. At the end of the prediction time the Predictor will calculate your points scored and also how well you've done in relation to the other players taking part. Your points are given a 10% boost if your closing selection is fired

How to comment

  • The comments window is available to use up to 15 minutes before the show starts, and will stay active until 15 minutes after the end of the show. This shows a selection of player comments and messages from the editor
  • You can post comments at any time by clicking on the 'add comment' button
  • The first time you comment you must type in your name so that your comment, if selected, will be labelled. We also ask for your location but you don't have to supply one - you can leave it blank if you wish
  • Please note that your comment will only appear if selected by the editor. Your name and location will not be stored or used in any way beyond The Apprentice Predictor


You can view instructions at any time by clicking on the 'show help' button in the comments panel.

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