Tim Ankers

Tim Ankers

The Final Two

Age: 17

Education: Studying for A Levels in Politics, History, Economics and General Studies

Lives: Lancashire

Tim's weekly update


The Final: Tim makes it to the final two...

Teamed up with Arjun, Tim shared the task of creating a whole new brand of bottled water. Showing a creative flair, he came up with the idea for the jingle and advert, joking that he should be cast as the main role. He also led a market research group and from this came up with the brand identity and name of ‘A Bottle of Water’. During his pitch, Tim came across calmly and eloquently, answering off the cuff questions from the professionals with ease. During the Boardroom battle Lord Sugar praised Tim and Arjun’s product and Tim found himself in the final two with Arjun. When asked why he should be the first Junior Apprentice, Tim detailed his past achievements and said that he had worked long days on various projects from raising lambs to helping out on a farm. Lord Sugar was impressed with both candidates, but chose Arjun over Tim to be his Junior Apprentice.

Week 5: Tim gets on his bike

Despite showcasing a very dubious Dutch accent on route to Amsterdam, Tim seemed to shine during this task. Working alongside Kirsty, he skilfully handled product negotiations with the rival team. Having taken responsibility for the sales of the higher priced product (the bikes), Tim set to work on selling as many as he could. Despite getting the name of the brand wrong on several occasions, his positive attitude and natural sales skills helped him break an Apprentice record by selling £39,700 worth of products. Tim secured himself a place in the final.

Week 4: Tim takes on the role of Project Manager

After his brush with the boardroom last week Tim decided to keep his promise to Lord Sugar and become Instinct's Project Manager. The self professed 'non arty-farty' candidate took on the role with bags of enthusiasm, so much so that he nearly appointed fellow candidate Hannah as his 'secretary'. Losing out on the pitch for Tom Lewis, the artist both teams had pitched for, knocked the team's art sales and Tim found himself back in the boardroom alongside Hannah and Kirsty. However, a strong performance as Project Manager saw him survive to sell another day.

Week 3: Tim’s back in the boardroom

This week, Tim was once again quick to present a range of reasons why he shouldn’t take the role as project manager and was swift to state his confidence in the team’s choice of Rhys. During the brainstorm session Tim was the most vocal member of the group and it was his idea for fashion themed cupcakes that was chosen. Once the group split into pairs, Tim’s enthusiasm and support for his project manager waned. Both he and Hannah felt they had been left to their own devices under Rhys’ command. It was this lack of support that had Tim returning to the boardroom, fighting for his place along with Rhys and Hannah.

Week 2: Tim’s full of bright ideas

Tim came to the table full of ideas during the brainstorming process at the beginning of the task. It was one of his creations, “slide stuff” that was chosen for the project and helped them to victory. After impressing Nick Hewer with his energy and creativity, Tim later ducked out of pitching for the team even though the product was his idea, leaving the pressure on Arjun to perform.

Week 1: Tim shows potential but fails to follow through

Tim showed a flash of creativity and business initiative with his ‘credit crunch lunch’ idea, which proved popular with the punters. But as the pre-prepared snack boxes sold out, Tim failed to make more. He blamed the difficult weather conditions, and more specifically the wind, his “least favourite weather type.” It was this mistake that lead Jordan to select the sheep shearer to join him in front of the board but, after taking a grilling from Lord Sugar, Tim survived to sell another day.

About Tim

Tim believes that the most important thing in business is good common sense. His first job was as a stable boy for his neighbours. Despite not coming from a farming background, Tim earns money from farm work and gardening when he’s not studying.

Come back here each week for an update on Tim's performance on Junior Apprentice.

Tim Ankers

Be friendly to everyone, take nothing to heart

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