Introducing the candidates

From all corners of the country, each of the aspiring tycoons has been selected for their entrepreneurial flair and burning passion for business - Lord Sugar has spotted something in all of them, but only one can succeed in becoming the Junior Apprentice.

All aged between 16 and 17 years old, they believe that they have the capability, determination and raw business talent to take on the challenge and be the one to win access to a fund worth £25,000. The fund will go towards kick-starting his or her business career and will be tailored to their individual career prospects and development.

The tycoons of tomorrow – most of whom are still in education - include; a CEO of their own company, a sheep shearer, a market-stall holder, an A* senior prefect, a self-employed salesman and an aspiring inventor. All of them think they have what it takes, but can they prove themselves when the pressure is on?

With tasks including selling cheese, creating cupcakes, and dealing in art, as well as travelling abroad to Holland for one of the most demanding foreign tasks to date, the candidates will quickly learn that Lord Sugar pulls no punches when it comes to separating the wheat from the chaff, and only time will tell who has what it takes.

Visit each candidate’s page to discover how they fared in the final.

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