Arjun Rajyagor

Arjun Rajyagor

The Junior Apprentice

Age: 17

Education: A Levels in Physics, Maths and Systems and Control, AS Level Further Maths

Lives: Essex

Arjun's weekly update


The Final: Arjun wins Junior Apprentice...

Arjun was paired with Tim as joint Project Manager and asked to create the branding and advertising campaign for a bottle of water. Previously famed for being a ‘calculator basher’, Arjun impressed Karren Brady with his creative skills by taking control of the filming of the advert. Choosing the shoots and directing the actors, Arjun unleashed his flair to show that he was more than just a ‘mathematics man’. During the pitch for the brand ‘A Bottle of Water’, Arjun handled the questions about the simplicity of the brand with confidence. In the boardroom, Arjun detailed his past achievements in various business ventures, from being a head prefect to fixing computers from his house. As the tension mounted, Lord Sugar announced Arjun as the first Junior Apprentice winner.

Week 5: Arjun is Project Manager for Revolution

One of Arjun’s main aims as Project Manager was to ensure that his team were happy with the decisions made about the product. Revolution and Instinct chose the same product, so it was up to both teams to reach a compromise. Feeling a lack of team input, Arjun steered negotiations on behalf of Revolution and was left with two lower priced products. He went on to delegate well, but made the mistake of taking the retail pitch away from Zoe and doing it himself. During the Boardroom battle Emma and Zoe felt that that Arjun had chosen the wrong products and relied too heavily on them for guidance when meeting the designers. However, Lord Sugar recognised that Arjun had sold £700 of the group’s total sales and praised his mathematical and business skills over the last five weeks. Arjun secured a place in the final.

Week 4: Arjun's quiet determination pays off

Arjun impressed his team last week with his quick-fire maths skills during the cupcake task. So during this week's art task it was no surprise that he was swift to point out the importance of 'volume sales.' Keeping Zoe's sometimes dominating character in check, he decided to stick with quiet determination and this paid off when he sold one of the artist Tom Lewis's higher-priced pieces. Keeping calm in the face of a busy art exhibition and helping sell the total of £6,005 worth of art, he and his team went on to receive a treat from Lord Sugar.

Week 3: Arjun’s maths skills save the day

Arjun played a vital role for his team in this week’s cupcake task and stepped up to the challenge set by his project manager, Zoe. Putting his maths and analytical skills to good use, the 17 year old was able to make sure the team didn’t over order the cupcake bases when Emma and Adam were adamant they needed more. As the task progressed Arjun got stuck into selling the cupcakes along with Zoe, but appeared flustered as time ran out and the pressure increased. Despite a lull in trade, with a little help from Arjun’s number crunching, team Revolution made a profit and won the task.

Week 2: Arjun pitches for the winning team

Arjun struggled to have his voice heard at the beginning of the task, with his and Rhys’ suggestions often being brushed off by the other half of the team. However, Arjun began to shine after Tim showed a reluctance to pitch the product and he stepped up to the challenge. After a shaky start, the 17 year old’s quick thinking and straight-talking helped secure his team orders for their product and victory in the boardroom.

Week 1: Arjun does his best for team Instinct…

Arjun keeps his head down and goes with the flow in his efforts to win the challenge for the boys. The 17 year old proved that he had no problem interacting with the public as he, Jordan and Adam took to the streets to sell their cheese.

About Arjun

Self-confessed maths fanatic Arjun loves computers – he built his own aged 12, and now runs a repair business from his bedroom.

Come back here each week for an update on Arjun's performance on Junior Apprentice.

Arjun Rajyagor

Always look at the end goal and find a way to get there

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