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18 June 2014
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Christina Daniels,
Assistant Producer

Name: Christina Daniels

Age: 34

Job: Assistant Producer

Luxury item: A HUGE sarong - a somewhat disregarded yet highly functional and versatile item for the jungle I think, alternatively to be used as: A blanket, a rug, a scarf, a coat, a dress, and most importantly, as a mobile changing room... Also my MP3 player for sanity and a good book for escape. That's three luxury items, is that allowed?

Phobia: Waking up to find snakes in my shoes.

Will miss: Walks with Stephen in the countryside on a crisp autumn afternoon, and a good Thai curry.

Looking forward to: Being and working in the Amazon...a lifelong dream.

Dreading: Bugs! And the occasional dissatisfied hankering after chocolate.

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Gunning for a celebration

Posted on: Mon 26 May 08

Posted from: Maraba

So I turned 35 in the third most dangerous city in Para State. Twenty deaths per weekend apparently. I dread to think what happens in the first and second place town! We were hoping to celebrate my birthday at the local Forro dance. But every time we asked someone where the best forro in town was, they'd shake their head and look away. Strange, we thought. Still, we persevered. We were determined to dance.

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Rob Sullivan says

Rob Sullivan

"We've done it. We've reached the port of Belem, the gateway of the Amazon..."

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