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  Elvis Presley
lonesome (AmE) - i/e vetmuar, i/e trishtuar nga vetmia
act - këtu: numër artistik
to dress up as - vishem si
impersonation - imitim i dikujt
to sound - tingëlloj
to save up - kursej
pocket money - pare xhepi
dressing table - komo tualeti
to pretend - bëj gjoja
wood - dru
string - spango
professional - profesional/e (këtu kuptimi është ironik)
parlour - dhomë ndenjieje, pritjeje
empty - bosh
bare - i/e zhveshur
to gaze - ngul sytë me një vështrim të përhumbur
bald head - kokë tullace
to wish - dëshiroj
hair - flokë
to burst into laughter - shpërthej në të qeshura


"Hi, my name is Di Gregory and I do an act called Elvis the Girl, and I'm from Brighton in England. I dress up as Elvis, I kind of look a little bit like Elvis and I've always wanted to do an Elvis impersonation since I was about nine years old, and finally I'm there.

There's something special about Elvis, because I didn't even know what he sounded like. I saw a picture of him and that was it. I was in love with Elvis after seeing my first picture [of him], but I didn't even know what he sounded like, so it was purely on what he looked like.

I thought, I don't even know what he sounded like, so I saved up my pocket money, went out and bought my first Elvis album. Ever since then my brother and I used to kind of get on the dressing table and pretend to be Elvis even then. Yeah, I had a piece of wood with a bit of string coming off the bottom - so, quite professional.

Elvis sang this version in 1960. And in 1970 something or other, Elvis did a live, on-stage version of "Are You Lonesome Tonight". Elvis said: "Do the chairs in your parlour seem empty and bare, do you gaze at your bald head and wish you had hair", and then spontaneously burst into laughter, much to the delight of the fans. But for the rest of the song, he just could not sing, the rest of the song, because he was laughing too much.



what he sounded like - si tingëllonte
what he looked like - si ishte nga pamja
it was purely on what he looked like - thjesht vetëm nga pamja e jashme
a live, on-stage version - një version i rregjistruar nga skena, ku Elvisi këndonte drejtpërsëdrejti dhe jo mbi version të rregjistruar në studio
much to the delight of the fans - për kënaqësinë e madhe të adhuruesve të tij
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