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  Elvis Presley
feeling - ndjenjë
freedom - liri
to get out - dal
narrow-minded - mendje ngushtë
wall -mur; këtu: muri i Berlinit
to rely on sth - i var shpresat tek diçka, mbështetesh tek dicka
military forces radio - radio e forcave ushtarake
the authorities - autoritetet
to take fright - frikësohem
rock group - grup i muzikës rock
to ban for life - ndaloj përgjithmonë; ndaloj për jetë
setback - hap prapa; humbje
to hope - shpresoj
to establish - krijoj, vendos
youth culture - kulturë rinore
to end up - përfundoj
to arrest - arrestoj
to throw in jail - hedh në burg
to allow - lejoj
to appear - shfaqem, dal në skenë
the countryside - fshat
performance - shfaqje
village inn - han fshati
to crack down - ndërhyn (policia); bastis
venue - vend ku zhvillohet diçka
to dance apart - vallëzoj veç e veç (jo si çift)
to forbid - ndaloj
to be isolated - jam i/e izoluar
the outside world - bota e jashtme
jail - burg
to force - detyroj
workhouses - shtëpi pune (të detyruar)
hard manual work - punë e vështirë/e rëndë që kryhet me dorë, pa mjete të mekanizuara
coal mines - miniera qymyri


In music we found a feeling of freedom, of getting out of the narrow-minded DDR - the Deutsche Demokratische Republik. There was a wall, so we couldn't leave and we had to rely on information coming in from West Berlin or the military forces radio AFN and the BBC.

When the Rolling Stones came to do a concert in West Germany, the authorities in East Germany took fright and decided to ban us for life. That was a really big setback for us because we had hoped that it would be possible to establish our own youth culture in the DDR. The government really took fright and all the rock groups like ours were banned in 1965. We ended up having a Big Beat Revolt in Leipzig, where lots of people were arrested and thrown in jail.

We weren't allowed to appear in Leipzig any more, so we took to the countryside. All our fans joined us, by tram and bicycle, and the performances were played in village inns. It often happened that the police cracked down on these venues, under some pretext, like for example dancing apart was forbidden in the GDR and young people, of course, would dance apart when they were dancing to rock 'n roll. So there were arrests.

That was out of the question! You were completely isolated from the outside world. Some people went in and out of jail. Others were forced to work for certain companies. In the worst cases we were put to work in workhouses, and in Leipzig that usually meant really hard manual work in the coal mines.



Beat revolt - Revolta e Ritmit
under some pretext - me një farë preteksti
that was out of the question - as që nuk diskutohej
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