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  Elvis Presley
to develop - zhvilloj, krijoj
an interest - interes
to buy - blej
discography - diskografi
wife - grua, bashkëshorte
fan - adhurues
record - pllakë/disk gramafoni
to hear - dëgjoj
voice - zë
to dream - ëndërroj
gospel - këngët e frymëzuara nga bibla, këngë me tekst fetar
to release - lëshoj, nxjerr (një disk)
to issue - nxjerr, botoj (një disk, etj)
incredible - i/e pabesueshëm/shme
originally - në fillim
to record - rregjistroj
including - përfshirë, midis të cilave
tremendous - i/e jashtëzakonshëm/shme
hit - sukses


Hi, my name is Carlos Ares. I was born in 1949 in Argentina. I developed an interest in Elvis when I was only seven years old and since then I have bought thousands and thousand of records.

I saw Elvis in 1972 - four times - and with the years I developed the Elvis shop in Argentina and written three books on his life and his discography. Even my wife is an Elvis fan.

It blew my mind. Well, I was only seven years old. I was listening to the radio and this record came and I heard a voice I never dreamed of hearing, never, I mean, it was so different from everything I had listened to before.

"Crying in the Chapel" was the first and only gospel song ever released in Argentina. I don't know why, but all over South America his previous works were not issued in Argentina. It's incredible because this song, which was originally recorded in 1960, was issued all over the world, including Argentina in 1965, and it became a tremendous hit not only in the US but, I guess, all over the world.



it blew my mind - më la pa mend; më bëri krejtësisht për vete
I guess (AmE) - mendoj; ma merr mendja
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