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- Let us begin anew


- Civil rights

Kennedy was a liberal. He fought for social reform in the United States. However, his two most cherished projects, massive income tax cuts and sweeping civil rights bill, were not passed until after his death. As a civil rights supporter, he was widely admired by the country's blacks.

Just three months after he became president, America attempted to invade Cuba. But the Bay of Pigs invasion was a fiasco - and Kennedy had to take responsibility for the failure.

In October 1962 a buildup of Soviet nuclear missiles was discovered in Cuba. Kennedy demanded that the missiles be dismantled. For 13 days nuclear war seemed near, but finally, Khrushchev backed down and the
Soviet weapons were removed. Kennedy won much acclaim for his handling of the crisis.

In 1963, looking forward to the next election, John Kennedy went on the campaign trail. In November 1963 he went to Dallas, Texas. It was here that, on the 22nd November 1963, while travelling through the streets of Dallas in an open topped car, he was shot.



income tax cuts – ulje tė taksave mbi tė ardhurat
civil rights bill – ligji i tė drejtave civile
to pass –miratoj/ kaloj (njė ligj nė parlament)
to admire –adhuroj
the blacks – tė zinjtė (zezakėt)
to take responsibility –marr pėrsipėr pėrgjegjėsinė
buildup – grumbullim/akumulim
nuclear missiles – raketa bėrthamore
to dismantle –zbėrthej, prish ose shkatėrroj diēka duke ia hequr (zbėrthyer) pjesėt njė nga njė
to back down –tėrhiqem
to win acclaim –fitoj lavdėrime, miratim, duartrokitje
campaign trail – rruga (e bėrė nga kandidati pėr president) gjatė fushatės sė zgjedhjeve
he was shot – e qėlluan (me armė zjarri)


to invade – pushtoj
invader - pushtues
invasion - pushtim
he was shot – e qėlluan (me armė zjarri)
he was shot dead – e qėlluan dhe e vranė
he was assasinated – e vranė. Folja assassinate pėrdoret kur ėshtė fjala pėr atentate kundėr njerėzve tė shquar.
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