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- Understand the structure of the atom


- The radioactive substance

Susan Quinn:
„Marie in her scrounging around, gathered some pitchblende and she found that it was giving off much, much more energy than uranium. From that they were able to fairly quickly deduce, that there were several elements in the pitchblende, but one of them was radium, which turned out to be enormously radioactive. And that was important, because the radioactivity provided clues to the nature of matter and really opened the door of the nuclear age."

„Marie in her second paper described this as an atomic phenomenon. And that's remarkable, because at the time people were still debating about, whether matter was made up of atoms. And here she was - saying - this was an atomic phenomenon, and it didn't take very long for other people, particularly Rutherford in England to figure out that if you could play around with this radioactive emission, and separate out the various elements in it, you could perhaps understand the structure of the atom."

Melvyn Bragg:"Exhausted, but invigorated by their work, the couple proudly exhibited their lumps of luminous material in their under-equipped laboratory, as yet unaware of its lethal potential."



to scrounge around – rrėmoj/kėrkoj andej-kėndej
to gather - mbledh
pitchblende – mineral me ngjyrė kafe nė tė zezė nė tė cilin gjendet uraniumi
uranium - uraniumi
to deduce - nxjerr
elements – elementė
radium - radiumi
to turn out – del (qė)
radioactive - radioaktiv
radioactivity - radioaktivitet
to provide clues – jap informacion/shenja
matter – lėndė
nuclear age – epoka e atomit
paper – punim me shkrim, artikull, dizertacion
remarkable – i shquar, i mahnitshėm
to figure out – gjej, kuptoj
to play around – luaj me, punoj me
exhausted – jashtėzakonish i lodhur, i dėrrmuar nga lodhja
invigorated – i gjallėruar
proudly – me krenari
to exhibit – shfaq, tregoj
lumps – copė, masė
luminous – i ndritshėm
under-equipped – i pa-pajisur mirė
unaware – pa ditur, pa pasur dijeni
lethal – vdekjeprurės



to scrounge – rrėmoj/kėrkoj (zakonisht pėrdoret pėr kafshėt qė kėrkojnė ushqim)
to scrounge around – rrėmoj andej-kėtej (pėr ushqim, ose diēka tjetėr)
to play around with sth – luaj me diēka, pėrpunoj mė tej
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