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People of the Century


- The love of God


- The mission of love

Mother Teresa of Calcutta:
„The problem is great, but if we look at the problem - it's not the answer, we must do, and the doing has to be done, to begin, with one person. And by giving happiness and relief to that one person is worth taking all the trouble."

„Oh, no, because we have a mission to fulfil - the mission of love. Even when we see suffering to the full, still we can bring a little bit of sunshine, a little bit of joy and remove at least one drop of bitterness from their life."

„They, too, are the children of God, and they have right to the things of life, and love and service, as much as anybody else. In these times of development, everybody is in a hurry and everybody is in a rush, but on the way there are always people falling on the two sides… Those who are not able - these are the ones that we want to love, serve and we take care of them."



happiness - lumturi
relief – lehtėsim, ndihmė
to take the trouble – marr mundimin
mission - mision
to fulfil – pėrmbush, plotėsoj
suffering - vuajtje
sunshine – ndriēim/drita e diellit
drop – pikė
bitterness – hidhėrim
service – shėrbim
development – zhvillim
to serve – shėrbej



to be in a hurry, to be in a rush – e kam me nxitim/nuk kam kohė t’u vė mend tė tjerėve
"there are always people falling on the two sides..." – gjithnjė ka njerėz qė bien nė tė dyja anėt e rrugės/ njerėz qė mbeten pas
"those who are not able..." – ata qė nuk munden/nuk arrijnė (tė bėjnė atė qė bėjnė tė tjerėt)
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