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- The mission of love
Mother Teresa



(originally Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu)
1910 -- 1997
Christian missionary in India, born in Skopje, Yugoslavia (former Albania).
Known for her teaching and charity work in many disaster areas of the world.

"He was shouting: "Give me (something) to eat!" - and I could not give him (anything), as I knew, he was a starvation case. Next morning, I started giving him rice, and as he lifted the rice to his mouth with both hands, he expired."

„We have a home for crippled and unwanted children, the parents often can't feed them. Often - because they are crippled, because they are blind, because they are diseased - they don't want them. Often we pick them up also with their own parents, who have to be taken to the Home for the Dying. In that home we bring the people from the streets, from the lanes, from the drains, from all over the city. They are unwanted, uncared (for), sick and dying."



starvation – vuajtje/vdekje nga uria
rice - oriz
to lift – ngre/heq
expire - skadon
a cripple – një i gjymtuar/sakat
crippled – i gjymtuar
unwanted – i padëshiruar
to feed – ushqej
blind – i verbër
diseased – i sëmurë
drain – ulluk, kanal
to care for – kujdesem per
uncared for – person per të cilin nuk kujdeset askush



a serious case – një rast serioz
a hopeless case – një rast pa shpresë
a difficult case – një rast i vështirë
a starvation case – një rast vdekjeje/vuajtjeje nga uria
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