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- Weakness is a creative part


- International responsibility

Pope John Paul II:
„I say to you - never think you are betraying your own community by seeking to understand and respect and accept those of different tradition. You will serve your own tradition best by working for reconciliation with the others. Each of the historical communities in Ireland can only harm itself by seeking to harm the other. Continued violence can only endanger everything that is most precious in the traditions and aspirations of both communities."

„The more powerful a nation is, the greater becomes its international responsibility, the greater also must be its commitment to the betterment of the lot of those whose very humanity is constantly being threatened."



to betray – tradhëtoj
community – bashkësi
to seek – kërkoj
to respect – respektoj
to accept – pranoj
reconciliation - pajtim
to harm – dëmtoj/ i bëj keq
violence – dhunë
endanger – vë në rrezik
precious – i shtrenjtë
powerful – i fuqishëm
responsibility – përgjegjësi
comittment - angazhim
betterment – përmirësim
the lot – fati
humanity – njerëzimi
to threaten – kërcënoj



'you will serve your own tradition best' – ju do t’i shërbeni më mirë traditës suaj
'can only harm itself' – mund të dëmtojë/t’i bëjë keq vetëm vetes
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