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- Weakness is a creative part


- International responsibility

Pope John Paul II:
"I extend to all the people of Britain my greetings of friendship and peace"

"Do not neglect your sick and elderly, do not turn away from the handicapped and the dying, do not push them to the margins of society. For - if you do, you will fail to understand that they represent an important truth. The sick, the elderly, the handicapped and the dying teach us that weakness is a creative part of human living and that suffering can be embraced with no loss of dignity. Without the presence of these people in your midst, you might be tempted to think of health, strength and power as the only important values to be pursued in life. We begin by imagining that we are giving to them, we end by realizing that they have enriched us."



cheers - brohoritje
cassock – veshja e priftit, raso
to kneel – gjunjëzohem
to extend greetings – dërgosh/shpreh përshëndetje
to neglect –le pas dore
to turn away – i kthej krahët dikujt
the sick – të sëmurët
the elderly – të moshuarit
the handicapped – të gjymtuarit
the dying – njerëzit në prag të vdekjes
to push to the margins of society – nuk pranoj dikë si pjesë të shoqërisë/lë jashtë shoqërisë
weakness – dobësi
creative - krijues
suffering –vuajtje
to embrace – përqafoj
with no loss - without the loss – pa humbje
dignity - dinjitet
in your midst – në mesin tuaj
was to be tempted – do të tundohej
health – shëndet
strength – fuqi/forcë
power – pushtet/fuqi
values – vlera
to pursue – ndjek
to imagine – përfytyroj
to enrich – pasuroj



the poor – të varfërit
the rich – të pasurit
the wicked – të këqinjtë/ të ligjtë
if you 'fail' to do something - you cannot do it
'you will fail to understand'
– nuk do të arrini të kuptoni
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