Botuar: E martë, 08 nëntor 2005 - 13:59 CET

Përpjekjet e shpëtimit në Pakistan

The epicentre of the earthquake was not far from Muzzafarabad and it has turned large parts of the city into ruins. Almost every second building has collapsed and most others have been severely damaged. This has thrown hundreds of thousands of people out on the streets -- many of whom have spent their second consecutive night out in the open. But with the re-opening of a major road link, help has started to pour in.

A number of foreign rescue teams have also arrived and their presence is making a difference. Members of the UK-based charity, International Rescue Corps, have used life-detecting sensors to locate a thirteen-year-old boy from under the rubble. They are now searching for more survivors. Rescue teams from Turkey are also involved in similar work. But with thousands already dead, many here have been highly critical of the government's relief efforts and say it's too little, too late.

Zaffar Abbas, BBC News, Muzzafarabad

u rrëzua, u shëmb

out in the open

to pour in
vërshoj, dyndem, derdhem

making a difference
(po) influencon pozitivisht

life-detecting sensors
pajisje të posaçme për gjetjen e të mbijetuarve

to locate
gjej, përcaktoj vendin

the rubble

të mbijetuar

have been highly critical of
kanë kritikuar ashpër, rëndë

relief efforts
përpjekjet e shpëtimit