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Under the terms of the Broadcasting Act of 1996, the remit of the CTG was extended to include responsibilities for radio. Accordingly the name of the Committee was changed to the Gaelic Broadcasting Committee. Its new Gaelic title is Comataidh Craolaidh Gàidhlig (CCG).


Merger of Radio nan Gaidheal, Gaelic TV and Gaelic Education creating Craoladh nan Gaidheal.


Cross media coverage of Seachdain na Gàidhlig / National Gaelic Week promoting Gaelic language awareness.


Radio nan Gaidheal develops in Central Belt and Aberdeen. 45 hours per week available to 90% of Gaelic audience.


First transmission in the Geur Ghearr series.


Extensive coverage of the General Election and Referendum on Scottish Devolution


In CCG's Annual Report for 1996-1997 the Chairman, Mr Matthew MacIver, anticipated developments in the new millennium : "Under the terms of the Broadcasting Act 1996, viewers will be able to see daily, in peak-time, at least half an hour of Gaelic programmes on one of the digital channels. That might not be enough to satisfy the Gaelic viewers. Neither is it certain that digital terrestrial services will be available in all Gaelic-speaking communities. These issues will have to be addressed".


Broadcast of An Tiodhlac Gaelic language TV drama.


Transmission of Baile Mhuilinn (TV) and Fiream Faram (Radio). The first specially devised education series aimed at children in the early stages of immersion-phase language-learning.


Transmission of Na h-Eilthirich, a landmark TV series exploring the history of Highland emigration.


The first in a series of TV community debates, Cunntas.


Expansion of Gaelic Radio news service with the launch of Aithris na Seachdain, a news review programme and hourly news bulletins throughout Saturday morning.


Radio nan Gaidheal on air for 24hrs to greet the new millennium.

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