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Start of five minute weekly bulletin news in Gaelic. Home service, 10.30 pm.


Escape to Ballachulish. Scottish War News Unit recorded story of soldiers who escaped across France after St Valery, speaking Gaelic and pretending to be Russians.



Question raised in House of Commons re An Comunn Gaidhealach's request to increase output to two news bulletins per week and children's hour programme in Gaelic. Reply stated that there had been three and a quarter hours of Gaelic broadcasting in the Home Service programme, plus a weekly 40 minutes of Highland music. This was sufficient. The point was raised that there were no broadcasts in Gaelic in the Forces Programme, surprising due to the number of Gaelic speakers serving in the Forces and at sea.


Luaidh nan Gillean. Tribute in song to Gaelic fighting men. Home service 11.00-11.15 pm.


Seirbhis Ghàidhlig transmitted. First peacetime Gaelic broadcast (VE day +82).


Learning Gaelic. Weekly series (Friday repeat) of Gaelic lessons by Edward Purcell, with John M Bannerman and Archie Henry.


Gaelic play: An Tunnag Fhiadhaich. Translation by Lachlan MacKinnon of Henrik Ibsen's The Wild Duck.


Scottish Home Service: Gaelic Play: Cois Airidh air Crann by Lachlan Robertson (first prize winner in Arts Council competition for Gaelic verse play).


OB talk given by John Bannerman, speaking about the National Mod, from Rothesay Pavilion.


Second part of Grand Concert of National Mod of An Comunn Gaidhealach, Rothesay.


With Melodies in Islay. Programme of Gaelic and English songs from Bowmore, Islay.


A Gaelic Capital. An introduction to the burgh of Stornoway in the island of Lewis by James Shaw Grant. Produced by Robin Richardson.


Prospect for Lewis. A look at the future before the largest of the Outer Hebrides. Introduced by Iain Crawford. Edited and produced by Archie P Lee.


Gaelic weekly news reduced to monthly.



BBC carries out audience research on Gaelic speaking areas.

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