Parents' notes for Soircas nan Deargannan, a Gaelic language science site containing games about forces aimed at children in the early stages of primary school.

Parents' Notes

The Soircas nan Deargannan (Flea Circus) games introduce the concept of forces in an entertaining way. Players decide how much force to use to help performing fleas successfully complete circus tricks. The correct amount of force will control the speed or direction of a moving object so that it hits a target.

Players have to choose their team of fleas, which trick they want to try and the level of difficulty of the game (easy, medium or hard).

As the games get more difficult, players have to make a greater number of decisions about the forces they use, controlling up to three variables.

The decision-making process required from the games lends itself to group discussion as well as paired or individual play.

The Soircas nan Deargannan (Flea Circus) games aim to enrich and extend knowledge and understanding of science whilst introducing some new scientific terminology in Gaelic.

Some content is relevant for pre-school children while other content is aimed more specifically at children of school age. Although some of the words and phrases used might be new to the children, the detailed illustrations support the narrative.

Get Involved
After the game you could:

• explore aspects of movement and features within the home where the use of force is evident
• examine the effects of bigger and smaller pushes and pulls on the swings, slides, roundabouts and seesaws of a park or playground.

Audio and Visual Help
Users can click on the Roghainnean (Preferences) button to:
• resize on-screen text and change text and background colours
• hear on-screen text being read out
• make captions available for most content.

Most content can also be navigated using the keyboard.

An Seotal
An Seotal, the online Gaelic Terminology database from Stòrlann Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig, provides further vocabulary for various subjects taught through the medium of Gaelic.

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