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About A' Sgrùdadh Sgeòil

A' Sgrùdadh Sgeòil (Examining Stories) is a collection of three history activities with opportunities for children working towards the first and second levels of the Curriculum for Excellence. Each activity encourages the user to look around them and explore the wealth of history on their doorstep.

The three activities are:

Air an t-Sràid (On the Street)
The user must uncover the facts around eight real-life events in the company of canine sidekick S182. Using dogged determination to gather historical clues from a variety of sources, sniff out the evidence and establish exactly what happened.

Tro M' Uinneig (Through My Window)
What's through your window? From canals and crofts to mines and motorways, this is a chance to find out more about eight different features of the landscape. Watch archive film footage, explore photographs close-up and answer questions correctly to collect more interesting historical facts.

Sàbhail Mi (Save Me)
Follow this panel show and decide how best to rescue two rundown historical buildings. Should the dilapidated castle be restored or refurbished? And will the World War II prison camp become a leisure complex or a visitor attraction? Listen to the studio experts, then decide.

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Air an t-Sràid (On the Street)
Investigate eight historical events by examining pieces of evidence from different sources, with the help of a roving robot dog. The user is guided by the Commander who will give instructions and ask the questions. Historical evidence is collected by canine S182 and is sent back for the user to examine in order to discover the answers to those questions.

When the user completes each investigation, they can watch a short film about the event. They can also gather all the information in their investigator's handbook which can be printed.

The eight investigations are:

An Neach-paraisiut a tha a dhìth (The Missing Parachutist)
Cardiff 1896. Mademoiselle Albertina, a 14-year-old parachutist, jumps from a hot air balloon at the Cardiff Exhibition.
Download the 'Gravestones' printout

Stoirm Samhna (A November Storm)
Northern Ireland 1916. Two ships collide at the entrance to Carlingford Lough.
Download the 'Objects' printout

Sgeulachd Prionnsa (A Prince's Tale)
London 1861. Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's husband, dies.
Download the 'Buildings' printout

An Tàrsainn Sealbhach (The Lucky Escape)
Edinburgh 1861. An amazing escape when a crowded tenement block collapses.
Download the 'Memorials' printout

An Tram mu Dheireadh (The Last Tram)
Northern Ireland 1957. The Fintona horse tram completes its last journey.
Download the 'Town Signs' printout

An t-Eilean Dubh (The Black Isle)
Scotland 1982. The final voyage of a ferry being replaced by the new Kessock Bridge.
Download the 'Transport' printout

Nithean ri Teachd (The Writing On The Wall)
Penrith. Corn Market. Find out what happened in hiring fairs.
Download the 'Street Names' printout

Ri Taobh na Mara (By the Sea)
Rhos-on-Sea 1908. The SS Rhosneigr sinks.
Download the 'Ruins' printout


  • Make a note of all the different types of evidence you found during your investigations.
  • Could you use similar sources to discover more about historical events in your area?

Go to Air an t-Sràid (On the Street)

Tro M' Uinneig (Through My Window)
Discover information about eight features of the landscape with photographs, archive film footage and audio clips.

The eight features are:

Each theme has:

  • an introductory video
  • archive video footage
  • historical photographs
  • eyewitness audio clips
  • a simple quiz with interesting facts and a bonus video to watch.


  • Look for old photographs and archive film to learn more about similar features in your area.
  • Find someone who remembers what life was like many years ago and ask them to share their memories.

Go to Tro M' Uinneig (Through My Window)

Sàbhail Mi (Save Me)
The audience of the fictional television show Sàbhail Mi will vote to decide what should be done with two historic buildings. The user should listen carefully to what the experts have to say, before deciding the fate of these buildings.

The two buildings facing an uncertain future are:

Caisteal Bhictorianach (A Victorian Castle)
This castle was the height of luxury when it was built but it has now fallen into disrepair. Should it be preserved as a museum or should it be converted into plush apartments?

Campa prìosain bhon Dara Cogadh (A World War II Prisoner Camp)
The camp was a temporary structure built to house prisoners but it hasn't aged well. Should it be restored as a visitor attraction or would building a leisure centre on the land be a better idea?

Having listened carefully as the history experts answer questions from the audience and present their arguments for and against the proposals, the user then decides whose standpoint they agree with.


  • Look around the local area, are there any historical buildings in need of restoration?
  • What would be the best use for them?

Go to Sàbhail Mi (Save Me)

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