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Foghlam · Parents & Teachers

  • This page, aimed at parents, gives a brief introduction to the educational websites available within BBC ALBA for children in Gaelic-medium education.

  • Fàilte gu Fuaimean

    Fàilte gu Fuaimean - Pre-school

    This site allows children who are in the early stages of learning to learn about Gaelic sounds, the letters of the alphabet, and the connection between them. These fun, sound-based activities will provide support for young schoolchildren when learning about the language principles highlighted in the Facal is Fuaim teaching resource.

  • Seall

    Seall - Pre-school

    Seall was designed for children between 3-6, and provides opportunities for children to have fun exploring familiar contexts and to make decisions. Play with bubbles, look at things up close, listen to a story, make a puppet dance, or find things to do on a wet day. There's plenty to do on Seall.

  • Ruby Rabbit

    A' Choille - Age 5-7

    Come and meet the friendly creatures of the forest and find their stories, poems and songs. A Gaelic language website for both children in Gaelic Medium Education and those learning the language through GLPS.

  • Boban the monkey

    An-diugh 's An-dè - Age 5-7

    An-diugh 's An-dè (Today and Yesterday) contains three history activities for children in the early stages of primary school. Two activities are based on children's own lives and experiences while the other offers them the chance to travel back thousands of years to a Stone Age cave dwelling.

  • Aon, Dhà, Trì

    Aon, Dhà, Trì - Age 5-7

    Aon, Dhà, Trì (One, Two, Three) is a collection of number games for children in the early stages of primary school. Rabbit, Fox and Bird will guide you through three sets of activities designed to encourage strategic mathematical thinking and problem solving.

  • Baile Mhuilinn

    Baile Mhuilinn - Age 5-7

    Baile Mhuilinn is designed for schoolchildren between the ages of 5 and 7. It will help to teach reading and writing, as each section focuses on a distinct sound.

  • Blioblob

    Rocaid - Age 5-7

    With Rocaid you can zoom through space and discover stories, songs and games created especially for young Gaelic learners. Click on the rocket to access the activities.

  • Soircas nan Deargannan

    Soircas nan Deargannan - Age 5-7

    The Soircas nan Deargannan (Flea Circus) games introduce the concept of forces in an entertaining way. Players decide how much force to use to help performing fleas successfully complete circus tricks. The correct amount of force will control the speed or direction of a moving object so that it hits a target.

  • Faireachdainnean

    Faireachdainnean - Age 5-11

    The Faireachdainnean website addresses the area of emotional health which is part of the 5/14 health education curriculum in school.

  • Cruth na Tìre

    Cruth na Tìre - Age 7-9

    This site, aimed at schoolchildren at primary 4/5 level, assists in learning about the landscapes of three separate regions of Scotland - Highlands and Islands, Central Lowlands and the Southern Uplands.

  • Ioma-rud

    Ioma-rud - Age 7-9

    Ioma-rud I will help schoolchildren aged 7-9 years old with imaginative writing. Ioma-rud II helps schoolchildren to develop their personal and functional writing skills at level B/C.

  • Skail Bay in Orkney

    Skara Brae - Age 7-9

    Following a fierce storm in the winter of 1850, a settlement of stone houses at Skail Bay in Orkney were uncovered. This site is now known as Skara Brae. Through activities, videos, text and audio, the Skara Brae website offers an insight into life in a prehistoric village.

  • Derelict Town

    Cuir Ceist - Age 7-11

    Five games for children aged 7-11 to develop an understanding of the role and impact of religion. The emphasis is on Christianity, with input from Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism, along with secular perspectives.

  • Safaraidh Saidheans

    Safaraidh Saidheans - Age 7-11

    This website will enrich and extend knowledge and understanding of Science while introducing new Scientific terminology in Gaelic through a fun, challenging, interactive and enjoyable Science Safari (Safaraidh Saidheans) theme. It is aimed at learners working towards the first and second levels of the new Scottish curriculum.

  • Sinne

    Sinne - Age 7-11

    This site contains video and audio which embraces different people, places and life-styles. It promotes knowledge and understanding of diverse places, people, cultures and environmental issues including sustainability. It is a useful research tool which engages users through a variety of contexts using a wide range of enriching Gaelic vocabulary. Gaelic subtitles are available for all content.

  • Air Ghleus

    Air Ghleus - Age 9-11

    This site allows pupils to explore modern Scottish music in a novel and interactive way. It offers enjoyable and motivating learning experiences for pupils which develop knowledge and understanding and enquiry skills through ICT. Pupils can access information which contributes to their knowledge of their culture and musical heritage and may also help them develop more informed attitudes towards these aspects of their national identity.

  • Dìleas and James

    Clann an latha an-dè - Age 9-11

    Clann an latha an-dè (Yesterday's Children) is a Social Studies resource with a focus on History. There are five mysteries to solve. These are set in the Victorian and Edwardian ages, the Second World War and the present.

  • Na Saoranaich

    Na Saoranaich - Age 9-11

    The people of the town need help! There are six Citizenship games and activities within Na Saoranaich. The challenge is to solve problems facing the community in this run down town. There are also short videos showing real projects carried out across Britain that inform and inspire pupils.

  • Saoranachd

    Saoranachd - Age 9-11

    What is meant by citizenship? This website examines democracy - how can we come to decisions, and how might those decisions affect others? This site is aimed at children on primary 6/7.

  • S182, the robotic dog

    A' Sgrùdadh Sgeòil - Age 10-12

    A' Sgrùdadh Sgeòil (Examining Stories) is a collection of three history activities with opportunities for children working towards the first and second levels of the Curriculum for Excellence. Each activity encourages the user to look around them and explore the wealth of history on their doorstep.

  • Fuadach nan Gaidheal

    Fuadach nan Gaidheal - Age 10-12

    This site looks at the history of the Highland Clearances in Scotland. It is an interactive educational tool, and is aimed at primary 6/7, or children between 10 and 12 years old.

  • Na Seumasaich

    Na Seumasaich - Age 10-12

    Aiming at encouraging pupils to examine historical information this site will lead them to make informed decisions about the course of action to be undertaken. This site is aimed at Pupils in upper years of primary school and early years of secondary education with regard to its historical content and the skills that the site aims to develop.

  • Map

    Imrich - Age 10-16

    This site contains four History resources. It tells the stories of people who migrated during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and lets users create their own stories and journey maps. The resource is aimed at children in the upper stages of primary school and could also be useful for pupils in S1 and S2.

  • Sealladh air Sìona

    Sealladh air Sìona - Age 10-16

    The first phase of the China Production Stories website follows the teams' progress as they create radio and tv programmes along with an accompaning website. Segments of the TV programmes filmed in China can be found on the video section of the website. Changing China looks at key issues in the country today.

  • Snasail

    Snasail - Age 10-16

    There are many ways to move through the forest on this website with many obstacles to overcome on your way. There are language games about grammar and sayings to challenge children aged 10-16.

  • The Helix

    Axon - Age 11-14

    Axon is a Science website aimed at learners working towards the Third and Fourth Levels of Curriculum for Excellence. The site consists of Science-based missions and a 6-episode (90 min) Gaelic drama.

  • Dealas

    Dealas - S1 - S2

    This website is primarily aimed at Gaelic learners in Secondaries 1 and 2 although some content is also appropriate for younger language learners. The site contains video and audio based around an Outdoor Acitivity Centre. All the videos and dramas are in Gaelic, with subtitles available in English or Gaelic. The main characters are Outdoor Instructors Finn, Eilidh and Ceit. Activities and videos are found in the Activity House, the Bunk House and the Mountain Rescue Post. All content promotes Gaelic through a range of contexts while providing opportunities to extend and reinforce Gaelic vocabulary, structures and idiom.

  • Làrach nam Bàrd

    Làrach nam Bàrd - S4 - S6

    This website examines the lives and poetry of eleven 20th Century Gaelic poets. An insight into each poet's work is offered via a combination of text, video and audio. The site is useful for pupils and adults alike.

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