Information for parents and teachers about Duilgheadas sa Pàirc (Park Trouble). A Gaelic language Citizenship game for children working towards the Second Level of Curriculum for Excellence.

Park Trouble (Duilgheadas sa Pàirc)

Objective: Save the run down local park by making it somewhere people want to go. Decide which improvements to make while keeping all the people who use it happy.

Team member Mikey introduces the activity and he is available to offer advice.

The three characters the user needs to please are Rita, Smu and Toby.

Toby, a boy who plays in the park, wants:
• more things to play on
• to get rid of the dogs
• somewhere for the ducks to swim.

Smu, a mother of young children, wants:
• a rule banning litter
• to get rid of the dogs roaming the park
• a play area for her children
• to get the gate repaired.

Rita, a grandmother and dog owner, wants:
• new flowers and shrubs for the park
• to move the ball game area
• somewhere to sit
• to get rid of the graffiti
• a wildlife area for the ducks.

The user can provide the following improvements:
• trees and flowers
• park furniture and bins
• playground equipment
• water features
• murals and graffiti walls
• new rules and signs.

The following activities must be completed to unlock resources:

Research Charity Shop Recycling
Watch a short video about a charity shop recycling project. Answer the questions correctly to win litter bins for the park.

Garden Research
Listen to a clip about a primary school garden project. Answer the questions correctly to win plants for the park.

Letter Writing
Persuade the councillor to let you add a new rule that fines people who drop litter in the park.

>Play Duilgheadas sa Phàirc

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