Hints and tips for playing Na Saoranaich (The Citizens). A Gaelic language Citizenship game for children working towards the Second level of Curriculum for Excellence.

Game Instructions

Click on a location on the map to start an activity. A member of the Good Citizen Action Team will then introduce the problem to be solved.

Logging in
Users are only able to save progress while logged in. The user will need to choose a unique name and create a profile that will be kept on the computer on which they are working. The unique name is used to load the profile on that computer in future.

A specific profile or all the profiles on the computer can be deleted by going to the profile management page.

Creating a character
This character will represent the user in the game. Choose:
• a name
• location
• gender
• skin colour
• head wear
• hair colour and style
• clothes, shoes and accessories.

When happy with the character, the user clicks on the start arrow.

Move the character by clicking on any area where the cursor changes into a pair of shoes. Go to an adjacent location by moving the cursor to the edges of the screen. Use the map to move around.

Click on the map icon to view an expandable map of the current activity. The present location is denoted by a star. Move to another square by clicking on it. The map also shows the location of the characters to make happy to complete the activity.

The characters to help and make happy appear at the top of the screen. The happiness meter next to each one tells how happy they are and their facial expressions also give a clue. They will react to changes made as the game progresses.

These characters also appear in the game itself. Click on them to discover what they would like the user to do. Each red square in the speech bubble represents something they want to say.

When the team member who introduced the problem appears in place of the map, click on him or her to get advice.

Making Improvements

• Replace broken objects with new items chosen from a set of palettes on the left

• The hammer and spanner cursor indicates that the object can be replaced

• The exclamation mark cursor indicates that it is a sign that can be replaced by a new one

• Click on the object to be replaced then click on the object to replace it with

• To delete an added item click on it, then click on the grey button with the white cross

• Buttons displaying a padlock icon need to be unlocked by completing activities

• Click on Help to learn more about how the cursor changes.

Complete these activities to unlock resources to use the activity. Click on the icon to see the list of activities for each assignment.

Research activity
Research Activity
Watch short videos and listen to audio clips about a relevant project then answer multiple choice questions. Answering correctly unlocks more resources unlocks more resources and makes then available for use. The videos have optional Gaelic subtitles.

Resolve Conflict
Resolve conflict
The user is a team leader whose task is to choose a compromise that at least two out of the three people in the team accept.

Place cursor over picture of each person, listen to the three statements that each one makes then click on the most important. Each one will be added to the notebook.

The user is then given a choice of three plans. They must choose one that at least two of three people in the team will accept and win more resources for the activity.

Fundraising Project
Fundraising Project
Plan a virtual event to raise money to buy more resources for the project.

The user must select a team of fundraisers to fill three roles:
• money raiser
• publicity person
• helper

Place the cursor over each person's picture to display their attributes. Their skill in dealing with people and organising is rated as well as their enthusiasm. Use the red arrows to scroll through the available people.

The team members will then suggest three ideas each. Click on each person's best idea which will then appear in the notebook.

Click on the arrow to see a newspaper article which state whether the fundraising event was successful or not.

Letter writing
Write Letter
Write a letter to a person in authority to persuade them to do something that will help to complete the activity.

Build a letter by choosing three sentences to fill the spaces in the letter template. Click on an empty section of the letter then choose one of the three sentences that appear.

Click on the continue arrow. A successful letter will unlock more resources to use in the activity.

Click on the Help icon in top right corner to see how the cursor changes as you play the game.

There are a finite amount of resources to use in each activity. The 'Airgead' (Money) bar in the top right corner show the remaining resource.

When logged in, save progress by clicking on the Save (Sàbhail) icon in the top right corner.

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