Parents' Notes on Mapaichean (Migration Map), a Gaelic language history database of migration to and from Britain for the upper primary

Mapaichean (Migration Map)

The world and UK maps in this activity show migrations undertaken during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The world map shows migrations to and from Britain and Ireland between 1820 and 1980. Migrations within Britain are shown on the map of Britain. The information about each migration is illustrated with historical photographs, drawings and film footage.


Use the Mapa an t-Saoghail (World Map) and Mapa na RA (United Kingdom Map) buttons in the top left corner to toggle between the two maps.

Toggle between migrations to Britain and migrations from Britain using the A' fàgail na RA (Leaving the UK) and Chun RA (To the UK) switcher in the top right corner.

Click on the blue arrow buttons beneath the map to scroll through the decades 1820 to 1980. The panel that appears above the timeline gives information about important world and migration events that occurred during that decade. Click on the white arrow on a red background button to read this information. Scroll through more than one event using the buttons within the panel showing a white arrow on a blue background.

Each red arrow on the map represents a migration. A red arrow with white dotted lines represents more than one migration.

Click on the red arrows to read a panel giving the following details of each migration:
• Càite & Cuin? (When and Where?)
• Cò? (Who?)
• Ciamar? (How?)
• Carson? (Why?)

The information about the migrations features historical photographs, drawings and film footage.

Click on Cuideachadh (Help) to get information about the section of the activity that you are in.

If you click on Ciamar (How) you will be taken through a number of steps showing you how to use this resource.

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