Information about Imrich a Gaelic language history resource for the upper primary with historical diaries and migration map.

Parents' Notes

This site contains four History resources. It tells the stories of people who migrated during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and lets users create their own stories and journey maps. The resource is aimed at children in the upper stages of primary school is also appropriate for pupils in S1 and S2.

Imrich shows the reasons for these migrations and looks at the impact of significant individuals, events and changes in work and transport on the lives of men, women and children from different sections of society.

The four activities are:

Sgeulachdan Imrich (Diaries)
Read the fictional diaries of twelve children who migrated during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Their stories are illustrated with historical photographs and drawings and offer full audio support.

Leabhar-latha bho Sgeulachdan Imrich

Cruthaich Leabhar-latha (Make a Diary)
Make your own diary. Create your own text and illustrate it with historical photographs and drawings.

Cruthaich Leabhar-latha

Mapaichean (Migration Map)
These maps hold a database of migrations to and from Britain in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


Cruthaich Map (Make a Map)
Use your details to create your own migration map.

Cruthaich Map

Audio and Visual Help
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• make captions available for most video and audio content.

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