Teacher's Notes

Teacher's Notes

This website focuses on developing Gaelic language skills. It is primarily aimed at Gaelic learners working towards second and third levels of Curriculum for Excellence.

These notes outline some cross-curricular options which could be relevant at different levels, depending on Gaelic fluency. Some activities may also be suitable for learners at other levels, depending on Gaelic comprehension.


All content is achieved through three main characters Finn, Eilidh and Kate, based at an Outdoor Activity Centre. There are opportunities to visit different venues at the centre:

  • • Activity House
  • • Bunk House
  • • Mountain Rescue Post

Through videos and drama the learners will:

  • - develop Gaelic vocabulary
  • - listen to a range of Gaelic structures and idiom
  • - experience Gaelic through relevant, real contexts
  • - raise awareness of outdoor opportunities in Scotland
  • - develop life skills
  • - raise awareness of Scotland's cultural and environmental opportunities
  • - improve knowledge relating to sports in Scotland
  • - learn about safety considerations for different sports
  • - meet individuals who use Gaelic in their working lives
  • - learn about European places and languages

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