The Activities

The Activities

To help consolidate ways to use this resource, information relating to video, drama and games content are outlined below. It explains different elements of the website.

The following support material is available on the website: glossary; subtitles and audio; a facility to switch between Gaelic and English text.

Dealas Bunk House

Area/Character Activities Learning Content
Homepage: Finn & Eilidh's ID Cards

(opportunity to print and/or save personal information)

  • Finn/Eilidh's introductory videos
  • Complete Finn/Eilidh's ID card
  • Complete personal ID card

When the cards are complete, users can use given vocabulary relating to appearance and clothing to create a caricature in the Mise game.

Select an instructor to access the cards.

  • • Name
  • • Age
  • • Where you're from
  • • Hobbies

Using Gaelic language to communicate

Mountain Rescue Post: Kate's ID Card

(opportunity to print and/or save personal information)

Three choices to explore:

  • Kate's introductory video
  • Complete Kate's ID card
  • Complete personal ID card

Click on the Kate character in the Mountain Rescue Post to open the ID card activity.

Personal information:
  • • Name
  • • Age
  • • Where you're from
  • • Hobbies
Mountain Rescue Post: Emergency Radio
  • Explore six groups of six Gaelic phonic sounds.

Access the Emergency Radio through the radio icon on the table in the Mountain Rescue Post.

  • 36 Gaelic sounds
  • Listen to words and sentences containing those Gaelic sounds
  • Opportunities to practise pronouncing Gaelic sounds and words
Mountain Rescue Post: Map

Interactive map identifying features in the local vicinity with text and audio.

Select the map icon on the Mountain Rescue Post wall to launch the map, drag the viewer across the map by its red corner to see and hear the names of local features.

Vocabulary relating to area surrounding Outdoor Activity Centre

Activity House: Mise Game

Mise Game - Using vocabulary relating to appearance and clothing to create a caricature.


Appearance: skin, eyes, glasses, ears, mouth, hair

Clothing: legs, body, coats, shoes, head

Hobbies: team sports, other sports, music, other hobbies

At home: my family, my home

Click on the TV in the Activity House to launch the game.

Activity House: Drama Videos

Five dramas based on the Outdoor Activity Instructors

Five levels; a game for each subject:


Food - (healthy food and preparing for a race)

Numbers - (buying a new canoe, canoeing)

Time - (cycle race)

Feelings - (hill walker rescue)

Click a title on the Activity House notice board to watch a video.

Words and phrases relating to each theme

Everyday language

Reinforcing Gaelic presented in the dramas and opportunities to learn new Gaelic words

Assessment of understanding question at the end of each drama

Activity House: Helicopter Game

The user is the pilot

Level 1 - Family: locating family members

Level 2 - Food: find different types of food

Level 3 - Numbers: rescuing characters from numbered boats

Level 4 - Time: identifying times

Level 5 - Feelings: rescuing characters with various injuries

Watch a drama video and correctly answer the question which follows it to access the helicopter game.

Listening to Gaelic and following instructions in Gaelic

Bunk House: GPS Receiver

Five videos following people who use Gaelic in their working lives.

Lifeboat Coxswain - Donald MacLeod

TV Director - John Smith

MP - Angus MacNeil

Teacher based in Spain - Gilbert MacMillan

Arts Education Officer - Joan Robertson

Click on the GPS lying on the bed in the Bunk House to launch the films. Use the arrow keys to navigate.

Setting Gaelic in context as a language spoken on a daily basis and in a work environment.
Bunk House: Noticeboard - Sport Videos

Nine sport videos:

  • • canoeing
  • • mountain biking
  • • shinty
  • • football
  • • wind-surfing
  • • snow-boarding
  • • rugby
  • • abseiling
  • • surfing

Each video ends on an image which allows the user to explore Gaelic nouns relating to the sport featured in the video.

To access the videos, select the Notice Board within the Bunk House.

Commentary and graphics showing the following nine Gaelic verbs in their past, present and future tense.


Bhuail; a' bualadh; buailidh

Ghluais; a' gluasad; gluaisidh

Dh'èigh; ag èigheachd; èighidh

Chuir; a' cur; cuiridh

Dh'fhalbh; a' falbh; falbhaidh

Dh'iarr; ag iarraidh; iarraidh

Dh' fheuch; a' feuchainn; feuchaidh

Dh' ionnsaich; ag ionnsachadh; ionnsachaidh

Dh'fhàs; a' fàs; fàsaidh

Bunk House: Computer - Visitor Comments

Opportunity to read and listen to comments from visitors to the Dealas Centre.

Video and commentary giving general information on the European city in which the vistior lives:

  • Francesca, Rome, Italy
  • Costas, Athens, Greece
  • Chantal, Paris, France

Opportunity to write and save comment

Click on the television in the Bunk House to choose one of the three films to watch.

Personal feelings and opinions

Story-writing inspiration, similar to those by previous visitors

History of the place: interesting places and beliefs

Overview of the place and interesting buildings. Some history relating to the Olympics

Paris scenes and information relating to sights and population

Bunk House: Television

Three videos containing a brief overview of Gaelic language, history and music

Click on the TV to launch the films and use the tri-colour buttons to select a video.

Insight to the Gaelic language in Scotland
Bunk House: Radio Link to BBC Radio nan Gàidheal programmes via

Music, debate and documentary programmes from BBC Radio nan Gàidheal, the national Gaelic language radio station and a available through live stream or the listen again facility.

Opportunity to listen to different Gaelic dialects and accents in a wide variety of contexts.

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