Parents' Notes

This website is primarily aimed at Gaelic learners in Secondaries 1 and 2 although some content is also appropriate for younger language learners.


The site contains video and audio based around an Outdoor Acitivity Centre. All the videos and dramas are in Gaelic, with subtitles available in English or Gaelic. The main characters are Outdoor Instructors Finn, Eilidh and Ceit. Activities and videos are found in the Activity House, the Bunk House and the Mountain Rescue Post. All content promotes Gaelic through a range of contexts while providing opportunities to extend and reinforce Gaelic vocabulary, structures and idiom.

The videos and dramas link well with Curriculum for Excellence and support the principles on which it is based. They provide challenge and enjoyment, breadth and a depth of Gaelic knowledge. Coherent and relevant decision-making processes are included and the context has progression and numerous decisions which require personalisation and choice.

Activities include:

Area of Site Content
Outdoor Centre Homepage Completing Instructor ID Cards: Language used to introduce yourself. Select an instructor to access the ID cards.
Activity House

Video Dramas: Five short dramas based around the lives of instructors at the Dealas outdoor activity centre. Storylines cover vocabulary relating to family, food, money, time and feelings. Click a title on the Activity House notice board to watch a video.

Helicopter Game: Based around the vocabulary of family; food; numbers; time; feelings, the user controls the helicopter in flight and rescues casualties as instructed by Ceit. Watch a drama video and correctly answer the question which follows it to access the helicopter game.

Mise Game: Interactive fun using vocabulary relating to appearance and clothing to create a humorous caricature. Click on the TV in the Activity House to launch the game.

Mountain Rescue Post

Emergency radio: Exploring Gaelic sounds made by letter combinations like "mh". Listen to phrases and sentences including the sounds. Access the Emergency Radio through the radio icon on the table in the Mountain Rescue Post.

Mountain Rescue Instructor ID Card: Language used to introduce yourself. Click on the Ceit character in the Mountain Rescue Post to open the ID card activity.

Map: Gaelic vocabulary relating to the geography of the Outdoor Activity Centre. Select the map image on the Mountain Rescue Post wall to launch the activity. Holding the red corner, drag the viewer across the map to see and hear the Gaelic vocabulary of local features.


Gaelic at Work: Five videos following individuals who use Gaelic in their working lives including a lifeboat coxswain, a TV director, an MP, a teacher based in Spain and an Arts Education Officer. Click on the GPS lying on the bed in the Bunk House to launch the films. Use the arrow keys to navigate.

Sports videos: Nine videos modelling simple vocabulary relating to canoeing, mountain biking, shinty, football, wind-surfing, snow-boarding, rugby, abseiling, surfing. To access the videos, select the Notice Board within the Bunk House.

Visitor Blogs: Videos and comments from virtual tourists showing their home cities: Francesca from Rome, Costas from Athens, Chantal from Paris, France. Select the Bunk House computer to watch the three films.

Gaelic Culture Videos: A brief insight into Gaelic language, history and music. Click on the TV to launch the films and use the tri-colour buttons to select a video.