Information for parents and teachers about Cuir Ceist, an interactive Gaelic language Religious Education resource for key stage 2.

Cuir Ceist (Ask the Question)

Cuir Ceist is part of a collection of Gaelic language websites for children aged 7-11. Other resources suitable for second level include:

Cuir Ceist has five games designed to develop and deepen understanding of the role and impact of religion, encourage reflection and provide opportunities for spiritual development.

The emphasis is on Christianity but the site includes input from Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism and it also gives some secular perspectives where appropriate.

The game does not ask a player to choose a religion or choose between religions, but rather to understand and consider the values which different religions have.

Cuir Ceist promotes the Principles and Practice outlined within Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) for Religious and Moral Education (RME). Learning through Cuir Ceist enables young people to:

learn about and from the beliefs, values, practices and traditions of Christianity and the world religions selected for study, other traditions, and viewpoints independent of religious belief. The challenges provide opportunities for the learners to recognise religion as an important expression of human experience. This can also provide a catalyst to explore and develop knowledge and understanding of religions, recognising the place of Christianity in the Scottish context and to investigate and understand the responses which religious and non-religious views can offer to questions about the nature and meaning of life.

Cuir Ceist is designed to encourage the user to reflect on the information and try to make sense of it in the contexts used and in the wider contexts relevant to them. There is also potential for some personalisation and choice where learners can investigate relevant contexts in more breadth or depth.

There are five challenges:
Cuairt tron Choille (Walk in the Woods)
Bochdainn is Beairteas (Rags and Riches)
Air a' Chladach (Seaside Special)
Baile Fàs (Derelict Town)
Truailleadh sa Bhaile (Spillage in the Village)

The activities will help you to:
• identify key religious values connected with the natural world
• understand about responsibility for the planet and how it can be shared
• understand about what some religions say about the place of humans in the world e.g. their specialness or uniqueness.

Playing the game
There are two modes of play for you to choose. Both allow you to attempt the challenges in any order.

Challenge mode
Wander around the different locations to find the different characters.

Text mode
Play the game using the text only without having to wander around the different locations in search of the characters. This is designed to be easier to use for those who are blind, visually impaired, or use a keyboard to navigate. However, it can be used by anyone.

Choose your character
You can build your character that will appear in the game.

Choose mentor
The mentor is your guide throughout Cuir Ceist and is available to help out if you get stuck.

Moving around
You can move around the games by clicking on the square that you want to move to. To talk with the characters, click on the light blue square next to them.

In each challenge you will meet a character who has a particular question about the world. Your task is to find the answer to the question by talking to all the other characters in the challenge. These characters will have a religious perspective on the matter which is being discussed. Then, return to the questioner and who will give you a reward when he or she is happy that you have answered their question.

In order to complete the challenge you need to talk to a character called the Gatekeeper. It's only by talking to the Gatekeeper that you can get through a barrier and complete the challenge. This character is primarily designed to help you to reflect on what you've learnt and apply it to your own experience and your understanding of religion.

Glossary of terminology featured on the site.
Download and print the 'Glossary'

Audio and visual help
You can click on the 'Roghainnean' button to:
• resize on-screen text and change text and background colours
• hear on-screen text being read out
• make captions available for most video and audio content.

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You can also navigate most content using the keyboard.

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