Information for parents and teachers about Cuir Ceist, an interactive Gaelic language Religious Education resource for key stage 2.

Bochdainn is Beairteas (Rags and Riches)

Why do some people live on the streets, while others eat in fancy restaurants? What do people do to try and help people in poverty? What could you do?

This challenge raises the following key questions:
• What are the things that people really need?
• Why are the world's natural resources so unequally divided?
• Is there any point in sharing?
• What do members of faith communities do about the inequalities?

This activity provides opportunities for philosophical discussions and for developing critical thinking skills. Aspects of language and literacy skills can also be a possible focus, through developing a reasonable viewpoint or argument for or against a stance. The following activities can all be developed in an inter-disciplinary learning context by looking at the issues at a local level, investigating the issues within their local contexts as well as on a more global scale.

> Play Bochdainn is Beairteas

The Characters
You will need to talk to the characters all the way through, without walking away in the middle, in order to progress.

You will come across the following people:

Big Issue Seller
The 'Big Issue' seller asks why is there inequality in the world. What do people do about it?

Journalist (Jew)
The journalist recounts his experiences of the Edinburgh 'Make Poverty History' rally and shows that the campaign is about justice and that this approach achieves a lifelong difference for those in poverty. He feels that it is important to establish justice because it is a teaching from the Torah.

Christian Aid Volunteer (Christian)
This character offers the perspective that people of many religious and humanist perspectives are working together to meet the needs of all human beings, and that every little action by an individual can contribute to the relief of poverty. She has a calling to work for God in encouraging people to tackle injustice and poverty.

Elderly Surgeon (Muslim)
This character believes that Muslims have an obligation to respond to the inequalities of the world. He believes that the actions of individuals of the Muslim community help them to understand and respond to these inequalities by sharing the benefits. He explains how zakah and ramadan support these beliefs.

Man in the Big Car
Posh Woman
Homeless Man

These four characters are 'distractor' characters. Talking to them will not help you to complete the challenge, but they may raise connected questions of inequality and helping those in poverty, which you may want to consider.

Examples of conversations featured in Bochdainn is Beairteas.
Download the 'Bochdainn is Beairteas' printout

Hints and Tips
Visit the characters in the following order:
1. the 'Big Issue' seller to find out what his question is
2. the Christian Aid volunteer, the journalist having a coffee and the elderly surgeon (in any order)
3. the 'Big Issue' Seller again. You need to give the 'Big Issue' seller the correct answers to his questions to get the reward
4. The Gatekeeper, standing by the bus.

Once you have the reward, if you complete the conversation with the Gatekeeper he can let you cross the river and you can return to the menu.

Using the issue of inequality, this activity enables the learners to develop the skills of reflection, discernment, critical thinking and deciding how to act when making moral decisions.

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